Why People Extinguish Their Dreams

Being in the field of training, I encounter many people of different backgrounds, personalities, characters, experiences, and beliefs. I hear various stories of failures and successes. I learn multitudes of life hacks and lessons. From the different lives I got the privilege of knowing so far, I have discovered some common reasons why people give up on their original dreams in life. 

  1. Unsupportive “support” group. Most people become who they are because of the people who nurtured them. While some of us do not allow these important people to define who we are or dictate what we achieve, some do. The pressure overcomes them. 
  2. Fear. Dreams are scary, especially if they’re too big based on common standards. Also, people are often affected by whether the people around them support their goals. Hence, instead of trying, they let go of their dreams if they see they are on their own. 
  3. Limiting beliefs. Especially with seemingly lofty dreams, most people tend to think they’re impossible to achieve. They would have reasons like not having resources, talent, skills, or connections. 
  4. Wrong crowd. The people we surround ourselves with also affect how we view our dreams. When we are surrounded by pessimistic people and hear negativities all the time, we would unknowingly lose the hope and confidence we have inside us. 
  5. Failure. Failing is the most common cause behind people giving up on their dreams. Some people tend to give up on the first try because they would take such a result as a sign that the dream is not for them. Giving up usually happens when the sacrifices and risks involved are high. 

Do you agree with this? Have you experienced letting go of your dreams for any of the above reasons?



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