Why It’s More Beautiful To Not Be Alone

Doesn’t it feel good to accomplish things single-handedly? Of course, it does. Being able to overcome challenges while trying to complete a task or a goal typically makes one feel good about themselves. However, this feeling often makes some people overly independent and too proud. This tendency could bring possible bad results over good ones. 

While independence is an excellent characteristic, humans are made to support and complement one another. Each person has their strengths, but they also have their weaknesses. With strength, they can help one another and depend on another person to help them with their weaknesses. There is not a single person created to stand all alone. Therefore we need to find the people who can stand and walk with us on our journey. 

I have always believed in this notion, but I chose to discuss it further in this piece because of the varying reminders I encountered and experienced this week. 

After she watched Enola Holmes 2, my wife shared with me quotes from the movie, which struck her and struck me in turn. First: “You will do very well on your own. But with others, you could be magnificent.” I easily relate to this statement as I’ve seen the difference between having people help me in my personal and professional life. When I worked on my own, I usually found it hard to get things done promptly. It would even get me to the point of abandoning tasks. Now, my team makes the previously seemingly unattainable tasks possible. 

Second: “Find your allies. Work with them, and you will become more of who you are. You speak with one voice, and you will make more noise than you could ever have imagined.” I continuously witness the reality of this statement in the teams I train who are achieving more. Those who put effort into developing their respective teams, not only themselves, seem to have countless wins and fulfillment. They also exude a happier disposition. 

Do you agree that we shouldn’t be alone in our journey?




(Photo by Tom Fisk)

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