Why Do We Need Relationships with Other People?

Do you agree that no man is an island? I do. Human beings are social beings; therefore, we find it challenging to live alone, however possible it might seem for some. Besides co-existing, we need to form deeper bonds with the people around us. We need to establish relationships aside from those that we are born into. 

  1. To go through life, we need more than ourselves. Can you imagine facing all the challenges of life without someone to encourage you to continue moving forward? To lend a helping hand when you become overwhelmed? Or to guide you to the right path when you go astray? We need family and friends to help us go through life and enjoy it. We also need to help them go through their lives and fulfill our roles. 
  2. To belong, we need to be a part of another person’s life or a group of people, for that matter. The sense of belongingness is innate to us humans. We are genetically programmed to be part of a whole, so we are gifted with different talents. When we do not build relationships and even distance ourselves from our own family, we deprive ourselves of our need to belong and deprive others of their need for our gifts.  
  3. To learn and grow, we need to engage with other people. Each of us has different characteristics, personalities, and experiences. We can all learn from each other because of such differences. We get to motivate ourselves because of other people’s successes and learn from their mistakes.

Some people say that they made it through life on their own, especially when they did not receive any financial support from other people, but they discounted the people’s moral support. Our relationships keep us going when the going gets tough. They may seem inconsequential, but the little things that these people do for us might have been the push for us to move towards the future rather than staying stuck in the past. 

How are your relationships with your family and friends? Have you told them you are grateful for them?



(Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels)

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