When You Care Too Much About What People Say or Think About You

It is not easy to not care about what other people think or say about you, right? You do not want to hear judgment from those you love, care about, and respect. While this is understandable, do you know how you might be sabotaging your growth, success, and happiness because of worrying or caring too much about other people’s thoughts and opinions?  

  1. You adopt a personality that does not really embody the real you. To avoid being judged for your characteristics that might be considered unusual or out of the ordinary, you try to hide them and put on a different mask to ensure you don’t get any criticisms. How can you freely reach your full potential and work on your life purpose if you hide the real you? 
  2. You are always filled with anxiety. Nothing brings more stress and worries than always thinking about what other people might think or say about you. Because of your constant concern for other people’s thoughts and opinions, you lose your peace of mind. Is it worth your restless and sleepless nights?
  3. You follow the path that has been predetermined for you. One of the most crucial outcomes of caring too much about what people say or think is forcing yourself to go on a path that others think is best for you, even when you have a different way in mind. Would you really be happy in the end if you achieve something that is not really what you dream for yourself?
  4. You fit yourself in the box that people put you in. You accept the category they put you in even when you are more than what people think you are. In this case, aren’t you sabotaging yourself by taking such labels? When you accept those labels, you are also unknowingly conditioning yourself to become what they say you are, even when you can be so much more. 
  5. You do your best to please others but fail to make yourself happy. When you constantly think about how to make people like you and not judge you, everything you do will always be for their pleasure and approval. Would meeting people’s expectations of you make you really happy? Wouldn’t doing what you want to be more satisfying? 

In conclusion, caring too much about what others think or say about you could cost you your bright future and your happiness when you change yourself just to avoid such. How about you use the comments of others to strengthen yourself and fuel your passion for your mission in life? Isn’t it a better way to deal with such a challenge? 



(Photo by Pranavsinh suratia)

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