What to Do When We Lose Faith in Goodness

Given the many negative things happening around us and the disappointments caused by other people, we tend to lose our faith in humanity. We become cynical. We no longer believe in goodness. 

However, I still believe that goodness is innate in people. No matter how bad conditions become, good still survives and thrives when there are still people who believe in it and fight for it. So how do we restore our faith in goodness? 

My first suggestion is to lessen the consumption of negative news. Though it is important to know current events, hearing negative news elevates stress levels and negative thinking. Unknowingly, we become more cynical and distrustful. If we think about it, the impact is very detrimental to us. It should not be like that especially when not all facts are presented. Assumptions or allegations are reported on the news which lead us to judge wrongly. 

Second, it is also good to intentionally look for updates or news which are positive. When we make ourselves aware of inspiring, motivating, and positive happenings around us, we are helping our eyes be opened to the beautiful, wonderful, and good things that still exist in the world. 

Third, it is better to spread positivity so that other people feel inspired and motivated to be good individuals as well. Avoid being a gossipmonger. As much as possible, do not use your voice or platform to just criticize other people. Instead, motivate others to make the right decisions and spread positivity – not hate. 

Finally, to restore your faith in the good, always count your blessings. When you remind yourself of the things and people that you have in your life, you stop thinking negative thoughts because you see proof of the goodness in the world firsthand. 

In conclusion, we have to start in ourselves if we want to see goodness restored around us. A single person’s influence can impact many people so let us use our influence the right way. Let us restore our faith in humanity by becoming who we want the world to be. 



(Photo by Magoi)

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