What Great Customer Service Means

I have always been very particular with customer service. I value how businesses deal and take care of their clients even more than the product or service they offer sometimes. The lack of it or poor performance in that department may cause the downfall of many businesses. 

While big companies can put up an entire department specifically for customer service purposes, it does not mean they can already guarantee excellence on the matter. No, customer service should not only be limited to the department named after it. Every single member of the company should be able to provide excellent customer service and care. 

I have been reminded of this after my recent banking service challenges. Knowing that the customer service of the said bank is only reachable using telephone, I went to a branch nearby and asked a bank personnel for assistance in fixing the issue. Sadly, my time and effort in going there were in vain. Worse than the fact that they cannot fix the issue there, they are unwilling to extend assistance with the reason that I should contact “customer service.” 

This kind of situation is highly frustrating to clients and could cause them to drop the services altogether. So if you are a part of a team, may it be specifically in the customer service or not, you should still provide your clients with support. 

If you cannot fix the client’s problem, direct them to the person who can. Clients appreciate it when you do your best to help them even if you cannot fix the problem. You are not expected to be perfect, but limiting yourself to saying “no, I can’t help you with that” is definitely not what a client wants to hear because you are supposed to give helpful information at the very least. 

Show eagerness to help. Even if you cannot fix the problem, you should not display an attitude of indifference. The client approached you for help with the hope that you can. Despite not being the right person to do it, your eagerness to help them and direct them would mean a lot to them. 

Be polite. Understand that clients become frustrated or disappointed when they encounter issues or problems with the product or service you offer. When they become temperamental, do not take it against yourself. Put yourself in their shoes, acknowledge how they feel, and continue to deal with them with politeness. 

You don’t have to be in the customer service department to give proper customer care. Being part of a team that provides products or services to clients should be reason enough for you to provide great customer service. If you want your company to thrive, do not only do your specific job description, go the extra mile and make the people you serve happy and satisfied, just like how the other bank personnel in another branch made me feel – happy and cared for. 




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