Ways to Having Healthy Working Relationships

What kind of person wants to work in a toxic environment? Of course, there is no one. I believe that everyone wants to be part of a workforce that is full of positivity. Yes, it is impossible for problems not to arise in the team. However, there are ways that the impact will be lessened. The most important way is to maintain healthy working relationships. 

Now, we know that people have different personalities, characteristics, beliefs, and values. But, there are ways that each person that is part of a team or organization can do to compromise. Here are the ways to do so:

  1. Respect everyone’s privacy. More often than not, people who work together get very close and familiar with each other, especially when they start to share experiences. While this is not a bad thing, we should never forget to put a boundary. If one party is not willing to share something, we should never force them. 
  2. Avoid any forms of gossip. Cheap talk does not only lead to a waste of time, but it also leads to cracks in relationships. It is a hindrance to creating a harmonious working relationship.
  3. Be a good team player and do your tasks well. Each team member has different roles and responsibilities, yes, but cooperation is needed for the common goal to be achieved. We should always make sure that we are not weighing down the group’s productivity by missing to perform our tasks or refusing to work with others. 
  4. Accept constructive criticisms gracefully. Being able to handle and use feedback is essential not only in improving ourselves and our performance. It is also vital in creating a harmonious and cooperative atmosphere in the workplace.
  5. Communicate your concerns politely. Misunderstanding often occurs when a message is not conveyed the right way. Even when reprimanding someone, the possibility of the other party being offended is less if the message is conveyed nicely or politely. In this way, negative emotions will not get easily triggered.
  6. Follow the rules of the team. Conflicts typically arise when members of a team do not conform to regulations that are in place. Who would be happy when you are religiously following the rules to avoid trouble or problem in the team only to see others not complying at all? 
  7. Maintain a positive attitude in every situation. Being faced with loads of work every day makes people stressed, whether they choose to feel it or not. However, allowing stress to affect your mood and attitude will not only affect you, but it will also affect the people you work with. Therefore, we should always try to lighten our mood to make the environment conducive for working productively.
  8. Be willing to help and support your teammates. Working in a team means helping one another. A team has a common goal. When one member cannot fulfill his or her tasks well, don’t you think you wouldn’t be affected? Helping and supporting a teammate will lead to a great working environment and lead to more productivity. 
  9. Avoid laying blames when a task goes wrong. Mistakes or failures are expected. Committing one can happen to anyone. We should bear this in mind when working with others. Instead of blaming others when something goes wrong, we might as well work together to solve the problem. 
  10. Appreciate everyone’s efforts and contributions. Acknowledging good work creates motivation. When people work hard – especially when they get great results – they become more motivated and inspired to do better when appreciated. This can make them work harder, and they will also become happier to work with and for the team.

Indeed, some things are out of our control, yet we control how we react to those uncontrollable circumstances. It may take us a lot of effort, but we should learn to compromise to have a great relationship with the people around us, whether at home or work. 

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