Participants of our training sessions usually ask me where I get my energy, which, according to them, is seemingly inexhaustible. According to a number of them, one of the factors that surprise them is the energy that I usually can maintain even after hours of training. 

Naturally, the human body gains its energy from eating healthy, exercising regularly, and resting well. However, these are not the only factors that help me achieve the energy and readiness to face every training and coaching I conduct.  

I get my energy from my passion coupled with preparation. I do not just prepare a few hours before. I prepare days ahead, sometimes even months. As they say, effort does not betray the results. To be specific, here are the preparations I regularly do to ensure that I am wholly ready to train: 

  1. I take time to exercise every single day. Even when I have a hectic schedule, I do not give up the time to do this physical activity. Exercising is part of my routine and my energy-boosting plan. Years ago, I decided to include exercise as one of the non-negotiable activities I do every day.
  2. I never miss my morning routine. This activity, which I have shared and discussed many times in my training sessions and blogs, consists of meditating, journaling, and declaring. Ever since I started this morning plan, it has become one of the sources of my vigor. It keeps me motivated every day. 
  3. I prepare the materials I use for the training myself. When I know how each of the materials works, I feel a sense of assurance that the training flow will be smooth. With this sense of security, I can relax my mind and preserve more energy. 
  4. I always practice. I do not rely on the fact that I know the topics of my training by heart. Preparing an outline of what I would deliver and doing a run-through of it is part of my list of must-dos long before the scheduled training sessions. I still continuously practice and improve, although I have already undergone quite a lot of sessions. 
  5. I never forget to say a prayer before I start every training session. As a human being, I can feel tired or even sick at certain times and even during scheduled training sessions. When this happens, the preparations I mentioned will not suffice to make me have the strength to perform. I am only able to overcome such challenges when I pray for guidance and seek strength from God. 

Although it took me a long time to adjust to achieve the momentum I have in conducting sales training, I am still grateful. Because of all the experiences, I was able to learn more and enhance myself and my work. I was able to identify ways to make things better. 

We have to note that if we are in sales or business, to be productive and help more people solve their challenges, we must have a high level of energy plus consistent action. My mentor Blair Singer said, “When two people come together in a selling situation, whoever has the highest energy usually wins.” That’s correct. Whatever we do, we should know that we can achieve excellence through hard and smart work and enough preparation.

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