Top 5 Reasons that Stop Me from Giving Up

Life is an everyday battle that could easily sway a struggling person towards negativity. This daily battle could lead one to give up, go with the flow, and stop struggling altogether because doing so would be easier after all. 

There is no telling who tends to succumb to such surrender. There are people who never experienced anything strenuous for most of their life that when they start to experience difficulty, they will tend to give up right away. There are also those who have experienced many challenges already that they begin to think of everything as too much, so they eventually give up, no longer believing there is hope for them to experience comfort. 

However, life would not be as beautiful to live if it were all easy, with flowers and rainbows through and through. It won’t even be appreciated as much if there are no difficulties that come with it. Success is sweeter when it has been fought hard for. 

However, it is understandable to feel hopeless when the circumstances become too much to handle when things don’t seem to work out the way we want them to when problems arise. It becomes tiring, and sometimes it seems that the most logical way is to give it up and let things be. I’ve had my fair share of such feelings, but when I’ve almost convinced myself to give up, I am reminded of the following:

  1. My dreams (mission). When I think about my dreams, I remember that I am a man with a mission. I have a mission that is bigger than my comforts. If I give up, I wouldn’t be able to materialize such dreams. I wouldn’t be able to fulfill my purpose in life. 
  2. Previous wins or experiences. When I think about my previous accomplishments, I remember that I am capable of winning and overcoming challenges again and again. I remember that the sense of fulfillment outweighs the pain caused by the struggles. I remember that every battle is worth it, after all. 
  3. Other people’s experiences. When I feel like giving up, I think of the people who kept on even when rejections and failure came more often than they can count until success came. I realize that if I give up now, I might only lack one more step and that my initial efforts would be in vain. 
  4. People who look up to me (believe in me, love me). I decided to be a trainer and coach because my mission is to help other people achieve excellence in sales and life in general. When I feel like giving up, I think of the people I serve whom I push to always give their 100% effort in what they do. When I think of them, I remember that I have people who need my example. I remember that if I give up, I am failing myself and also failing and risking the dreams and hopes of the people who believe in me.  
  5. Acceptance of life’s uncertainty (yo-yo of life). When I remember that life is uncertain and that it is uncertain for everyone, not only for me, I become less hard on myself. By accepting this reality, I become more resilient instead of easily giving up. 

These reasons might not be enough for some to hold on when they are on the brink of giving up, but let these serve as examples that we can find ways to keep on keeping on. We may find that life is a battle, but we are given the ability to win it. Since life is a battle, we should fight it with all that we’ve got every day. Reminding ourselves of why we should not give up when overwhelmed with challenges is one way to fight the battle. 

What are your reasons for fighting your battle and never giving up?

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