Top 5 Negative Effects of Clutter On Me

According to T. Harv Eker, your inner world creates your outer world. Whatever you think and allow to dwell inside your mind will affect how you act and respond. This wisdom has opened my eyes and helped me set myself free from the different wrong beliefs I had. 

Indeed, our inner and outer worlds have a direct relationship. Do you believe that our external world also affects our inner world? Because I do.  

Our home has been a mess lately. I mean, it’s extra messy these days because we have to fix some areas. My wife and I noticed that we had been unusually overwhelmed these days, and we both realized that the clutter around us actually caused this state. Specifically, here are the top five adverse effects of a messy space to us: 

  1. Lethargy or exhaustion. Even when we have enough rest and sleep, we still tend to feel less energetic. I believe that this is because the mind cannot rest when seeing clutter. Mess seems to tell the brain that much work is still to be done. 
  2. Unease or anxiety. We feel uneasy or anxious because our minds start to think about all the tasks we would surely need to do in the future while still facing the current set of tasks. Could everything be accomplished?
  3. Lack of focus. One of the effective means to stay focused on tasks is to get rid of distractions. Who can focus when surrounded by too much clutter? 
  4. Irritable temperament. Even the little things get under our skin when we think of all the tasks and other emotions that the messy space triggers. 
  5. Unproductiveness. Finally, due to thinking or overthinking about many things, we fail to focus on the most important task at the moment, therefore accomplishing less than usual or none.

Do you also experience these things when your space is too cluttered? To help yourself, always make an effort to clear your space regularly. Condition your inner world as well as your outer world.   


(Photo by Sander)

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