Top 3 Reasons Not To Allow Negativity From Changing Your Goodness

I have met many people in my life who have radically changed themselves because of the negative experiences they encountered in life, especially other people’s bad treatment of them. I have seen good people transform into indifferent and uncaring individuals because they experienced the same from other people. 

I believe that we should not allow ourselves to change for the worse because of such reasons. We should not lose our inherent goodness as human beings because of our negative experiences. Why?

  1. Maintaining your goodness as a human being will give you peace of mind and heart. When you try not to use feelings anymore to avoid getting hurt when people mistreat you, you are going against the general purpose of life, which is to serve others. In addition, you become vengeful, uncaring, and indifferent. These characteristics would only bring you dissatisfaction when you look back because you could not make the world a better place throughout your life.
  2. Changing for the worse would only make you belong in the same category as those who mistreated you. Other people’s treatment of you reflects themselves, not you. Use their treatment as the basis for how you treat other people. You do not like it; therefore, you should not treat people the same way. You should maintain your positive attitude despite how others treat you and dislike your disposition. 
  3. Turning yourself into someone worse would only make you lose your cherished relationships. Changing because of other people’s cruel treatment affects how the people you care about look at you. You would only be building walls around you and isolating yourself from everyone else. It is not at all worth it. 

When people treat you badly or experience unfairness, do not blame yourself nor change yourself because of such, especially if you did nothing wrong. Continue to be good and kind no matter how the world treats you. While strengthening yourself is essential to overcome life’s challenges, do not harden your heart.

Do you think this is good advice?


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