To Plan or Not to Plan

Should we plan for our future or not? Many people say that it is not good to plan life because it is unpredictable – there might be no more tomorrow. So, they believe that it isn’t wise. Why not just go through it every day without thinking about anything else that has not happened yet? 

I once had a close friend who was way too relaxed about his life. He usually skips school and not for important reasons at all – he prioritized comfort over his studies. As a friend, I advised him to take his education seriously for his future. His response surprised me and got me pondering, too. He said that his hard work would not mean anything if he suddenly died the next day since we cannot foretell future happenings. That statement really affected me, and I thought of relaxing more and not working harder for the future. The good thing is I realized later on that, like how we cannot predict if we’d die the next day, we also cannot expect that our life might still be very long. 

Throughout the years, I realized through firsthand experience and adult influence that humans exist for a purpose. Each one has the purpose of fulfilling their role in the world. This purpose, of course, cannot be fulfilled without effort. That is why we should plan, and here are the reasons why we should plan and not just leave everything be:

  1. Planning allows us to live life to the fullest because there will be less wasted time. 
  2. Planning guides us to hit our target destination in life or our purpose. 
  3. Planning allows us to achieve our goals because we identify and follow the steps that would lead us to achieve those goals.
  4. Planning helps us to be grateful because it helps us to see our achievements.  
  5. Planning provides clarity and gives us peace of mind.

I do not think we are given life just to survive. The proof is, there are consequences to each action we take, and we feel different emotions when we experience those emotions. We are here to achieve our purpose for us to feel the ultimate fulfillment. Thus, we need to find ways and plan how to fulfill our purpose in life regardless of the uncertainty. If we die tomorrow, at least we will not regret not doing anything to make life worthwhile. 

Do you agree with me on this? 




~Photo by airfocus on Unsplash

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