Things I Do to Lift My Mood

As the new year quickly came by, I couldn’t help but wonder where all the time went. It felt like time flew in just a blink of an eye. It made me realize that this year might also pass without me noticing. Being that as it is, I concluded that it is not wise to spend what time I have moping around or being unhappy. Time, being the most valuable thing, should be spent wisely – doing something we love and making others happy. 

However, it is also inevitable to feel disheartened, especially when facing new challenges that seem unsurpassable sometimes. The good thing is that we can always do something about it, turn everything around and help ourselves. Here are the things that I actively and consciously do to lift my spirits when things feel a little bit unbearable:

  1. I do a gratitude exercise, writing down the things I am grateful for being the first. I consciously look around me and list all the things that make my life bearable at that moment, like my bed or my spouse. 
  2. I take time to enjoy good food. Instead of going through meal times to fill my stomach, I consciously and slowly savor the food I eat. I focus on identifying the ingredients that make my meal taste good. 
  3. I take a walk or drive without any intention of doing an errand. I look around and observe my surroundings and everything I pass by. 
  4. I take a break from my tasks. I would set up a different working space outside the house or someplace that I find comfortable and bask in it before returning to work. 
  5. I count my wins. I trust all my successes, and that includes even the littlest ones. I tap myself in the back for being able to wake up early and start my day without missing my routine. I tap myself at the back to complete my success list for the day. As I said, I count every single win.

In times when things seem to be out of sorts, we need not face them right away. Through experience, it is essential to neutralize my emotions first to handle the challenges afterward effectively. Hence, the list of activities to lift to pump up my mood. 

How do you deal with a bad mood?



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