The Miracle Bag

Remember last week when I had to deal with the results of a broken laptop? Well, here’s the unexpected continuation of the story. 

Last week, after contemplating what model to replace my laptop with and how to recover the important files stored there successfully, I had the sudden urge to check it from the laptop bag. My words to my wife were, “Let me check it. Maybe there’ll be a miracle.” My wife just chuckled. When I opened it and pressed the power button, we suddenly heard the miraculous power-on sound. My wife and I let out surprised gasps. We couldn’t believe our ears and eyes. The laptop that has been diagnosed as crashed has come back to life. I was so happy that time and was quite dumbfounded too. How is it possible? I kept talking about how unbelievable it was with my wife and my team to the point when my wife playfully reprimanded me that I did not need to repeat the statement a million times since she heard it the first time. Could you blame me, though? I was just overcome with joy and relief because I could finally retrieve my files. Even after a few hours after I experienced this miracle, I still couldn’t believe that I was using the actual laptop I hoped to be fixed. I smiled every time I stared at it and enjoyed every task I did with it like it was the first time.

When I pondered on it a few hours after, I attributed the happening to the miracle bag. I am not talking about the laptop bag where I stored the device. I am talking about the miracle bag that I think is kept for us, and the contents are showered upon us for when we least expect them but when we need them most. When we experience them, we immediately acknowledge them as miracles. Cynical people may say it has logical or scientific explanations. It could be accurate, but there are times when we have exhausted our options to solve the seemingly impossible challenge that we give up, and the resolution is just presented to us right there and then.

Whenever I experience situations like this, I am reminded of the saying, “When you get to your wit’s end, you will find God lives there.” I truly believe that God makes His presence known at times like this for us to remember that we can’t do it on our own and teach us important lessons. That is why I don’t wish to find logical nor scientific explanations to such phenomena because I want to revel in the blessing that God always gives. Through his blessings, He offers lessons as well. 

Do you remember the lessons I’ve learned from this experience? Yes, I took action right away and applied the lessons I had learned. I saved everything in an external drive and cloud. I did not waste the miracle. 

Have you experienced any miracles lately?

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