Going Virtual: How Did I Cope?

As we all know, the CoVid-19 pandemic caused many changes in how we live life on the daily. Not a single person would claim to not be affected by this crisis in one way or another. On my end, as I am in the service of providing training, coaching, and consulting, scheduled and booked training in different parts of the country was canceled due to the travel ban, and the prohibition of physical events.

At first, I thought of using this time to have a break from work, and complete one of the training courses I enrolled in. However, after a few days of not conducting any training, while continuously enhancing myself with new knowledge and skills, made me think of an alternative way to continue my mission. And that turned out to be a good decision seeing that it has been 5 months now since the quarantine started. I decided to launch the online program – Closing the Sales Mastery training, which, to date, has helped more than 600 hundred sales and business professionals.

Going Virtual


Providing online live training is not as easy as it seems. It also needs a considerable amount of preparation before you can start. And by then, you’d discover that some things are still amiss. It is fun, nonetheless. I am blessed to declare that our online training is successful. How did it work? Here are 5 factors that made this venture successful.

  1. Stable internet connection. I am aware that this has been a cause of most people’s headaches these days because they normally experience intermittency in the connection. That is why I feel so blessed that I seldom encounter any issue with this factor, given that it is being used in all of our waking hours.
  2. Conducive home office setup. I find it very necessary to allocate a space where you do all your work to help condition yourself to be in work mode. This is important especially for people who get distracted easily. I also made sure that my workspace is well lit, ventilated, and as noise-free as possible.
  3. Better technology manipulation. Although I am not exactly what is called a tech-savvy person, I always see to it that I research or ask experts on how certain technology works. Since we do not know until when we will be in this condition, we have to adapt and make ourselves ready to embrace advancements that would help us overcome such conditions.
  4. Continuous improvement. To make sure that my training is effective, I continuously improve my virtual set up to address any issues. I always make sure to assess my materials if it improves the quality of my service, or if something can still be done about it.
  5. Continuous learning. I am very grateful that when the new normal arose, my training course with one of my mentors is still ongoing. It has been one of my motivations to transition my training online. Through it, I have discovered a lot of tools that proved helpful in my own training. More importantly, I have found an additional support group that motivates me to keep going.

All of these, with the support of my family and especially with the guidance of God, helped me cope with the sudden change, and adapt to the new normal of virtual event/training. Also, I believe that if we are so impassioned with our mission, we let nothing stop us from getting on with it.

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