Seeing the World through a Positive Lens

LIFE IS UNFAIR. That was what a close friend of mine used to tell me when we talked about our experiences and all the challenges that came with them. I understand why she felt that way. That is common to people whose experiences in life are mostly riddled with problems, losses, rejections, or betrayals. Their view of the world would most likely be forever marred. More often than not, they would become cynical, mistrustful, and pessimistic. 

Given all the difficulties I had gone through since I was young, “life is unfair” could definitely be my motto. In fact, I also used to think that life was kind of unfair because I only saw my own struggles then. Gradually, I turned away from that belief. The circumstances I found myself in, during and after each challenge I faced, convinced me otherwise.

How can I say that life is unfair when I got no sales for many months after joining the sales team when that was the reason I developed my persistence to work more and learn from the best teachers? If I just reach the quota set each time, then I wouldn’t have the drive to develop myself to become a better salesperson. 

Can I say life is unfair when I got my heart broken repeatedly when those failed relationships allowed me to meet the love of my life at the right time? I say life brings us just what we need. It developed my patience through the different points in my life when I got stuck in waiting for my turn to be proven worthy of promotion, new responsibilities, and my own training firm. If I did not experience situations when I made a one day meal budget reach two more days, I possibly wouldn’t be keen on money management now and might not think about saving or investing for the future.   

Now, when faced with a difficult situation, I look at the bright side. Yes, it is cliche but that is the only best way to view things , good or bad. When we do so, we trust that we are being strengthened or being led to a much better condition. Don’t you think you’re not hindering yourself from becoming a better person or from a brighter future by running away from challenges?



(Photo by Maksim Goncharenok from Pexels)

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