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Pandemic: What Can We Do?

In a time when everyone is helpless and defenseless against an unseen enemy, it is easy to fall prey to fear. This feeling is valid, especially that millions of lives had been lost already. It’s like a scene out of an apocalyptic movie and makes one wonder if the plot will still thicken. Fear then intensifies. But, should we really succumb to fear and stay idle until it’s over?

It is often said that what you think and declare, you attract. This means that if we continue to put importance to the problem, we are giving it power over us. Why don’t we focus on positive and beneficial things instead of moping continuously? This does not mean that we pretend it does not exist nor consider it as a threat, we just have to make ourselves productive.

Yes, seeing how this crisis turned out and continues to be a menace despite efforts to subdue it, we cannot tell when we can go back to normal. In addition, being productive these days is quite challenging. However, it is not because we are quarantined, but because we have found an excuse not to be. Let’s fight our laziness. Let’s make use of all the time we have now to do something we can’t do in normal conditions. Read the books you got from a book sale that are still sealed. Write the story that has been lingering in your mind for a long time now. Master that skill you have always wanted to learn. Conduct a general cleaning in your home. Work on that DIY project you have been wanting to do. Attend online seminars or training that can enhance your knowledge and skills in your career. If you are up for it, sell online. If you can, send help to those who are in need.

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There are a variety of things we can focus on even inside our homes. We can be productive, we can make a living, and we can help others. We can do all these things and keep ourselves healthy, rather than focus on the problem and risk ourselves of depression.

We are a part of the fight to end this crisis. Let us help our government and our front liners by staying home, fending ourselves and our families, and enhancing ourselves to become ready to help the economy again after this pandemic is over.

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