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Are You Suited for Online Business?

The impact of the CoVid-19 pandemic is felt not only because of the overwhelming increase of mortality rate but, is also felt in the sudden drop of the economy – business closures and unemployment. Within the past five months, countless businesses big and small declared bankruptcy and either let go of the majority of their employees or closed down for good. Even before this pandemic, employees are always at the mercy of their employers. It just took some of us to realize that employees will be the first to be sacrificed when things go haywire.

If you are one of those who lost their job, it’s time to do something. Why don’t we go back to the concept of trading? Early human civilization started that way. The advantage that we have at the moment is technology. Since most people are bound to stay indoors, they spend the majority of the time on their phones, specifically on their social media platforms. Instead of being just a consumer of social media, why don’t you take advantage of it to earn a living? Build your own business online. One can sell products and services online. We are only limited by our own beliefs which result in our incapacity to see possibilities and lack of self-esteem.

Probably bugged by your cautious mind, you will find a lot of excuses not to engage in online business. Questions like, “do I have something to offer?”, “who would buy from me?”, or “aren’t there a lot of online sellers already?” will possibly plague you when you think about the idea. These are normal. Anyone who started something new all had their share of uncertainty and fear. However, this should not be used as an excuse not to even try. Remind yourself why you need to do it. Now, let us start addressing the possible questions in your mind that can more likely stop you from taking a step.

First is the question of not knowing what you can offer to consumers. Why don’t you start by identifying what you are good at? If you are an amazing cook, then sell your homemade specialty. If you know a supplier of essential or other products, strike a deal and be a retailer. You can even offer services such as tutorials now that schools are adopting distance learning, and parents need help in ensuring the quality of their children’s education. There are a lot of possible products and services that one can offer online nowadays. You just have to use your imagination and think outside the box.

Second is the questions of who would avail your product or service. Well, we cannot answer this unless we show what we can offer. In the past, we did not realize that we need food delivery services until a food business owner thought of offering it. We did not realize that we like to be able to shop without needing to go out of the comfort of our home until online shops became a thing. So you see, people actually develop particular needs and wants when they see it and realize it is possible. That product or service you are thinking of might be available in other far off places but not in your community yet. Your neighbors are just waiting.

Third is the question of competition. This is not a question because competition is a part of the business. You can address this by ensuring that the quality of your product or service is exemplary and incomparable. Make sure that you have excellent customer service even if you consider your business small-scale.

You may encounter a lot of struggles in establishing your online business but didn’t you face the same level of difficulty in other areas of your life? Embrace the challenges that come with it and always go back to why you need to engage in the business. Ask yourself these questions: “If I wouldn’t do something to earn, how will I survive? How will I feed my family? Is it right for me to just depend on the government?”. We face a crisis that causes uncertainty to anyone – even the most powerful people on the planet. We do not know if we still have work to go back to after this. We should learn how to survive and thrive no matter what challenges we may encounter. In times when we can only be at home, going online is the key. Don’t wait for the storm to be over. Don’t wait for the clouds to be clear. Don’t wait for help. Do something before it’s too late for you to act.

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