My Top 5 Secrets in Boosting My Self-Esteem

Does having high self-esteem equate to being narcissistic? Thinking that you are superior to others and not accepting making mistakes are signs of narcissism. On the other hand, having self-esteem means respecting yourself and believing in your abilities.

When you boost your self-esteem, you are helping yourself grow as a person. Never allow other people to tell you otherwise and label you as self-centered. How are you going to boost your self-esteem? Here are some tips that work for me when I doubt myself. 

  1. Appreciate your strengths. The very first thing you need to do is value the blessings you already have. You might not have what others do, but you have your strengths. 
  2. Celebrate your wins. Celebrating your successes will keep you reminded of the strengths and blessings you have. Knowing that there are upsides in life will keep you have a positive attitude and make you confident that things will always get better.   
  3. Keep on developing yourself. Of course, developing your self-esteem is not only a matter of believing in yourself and your strengths, but you also need to help yourself to develop further. Knowing that you have equipped yourself with more knowledge and skills will give you an appreciation of yourself. 
  4. Remember your past wins. There are times when nothing seems to go right with whatever you do. Inadvertently, it affects your self-esteem because most people tend to get fixated on mistakes even if they’re minimal than the successes. When you encounter situations like this, look back on the things that you accomplished in the past, may they be big or small. 
  5. Embrace the fact that nobody is perfect. No person is perfect, and one who thinks he can be is narcissistic. When we accept the fact that we have weaknesses, we learn to appreciate our strengths more. In addition to that, we also become more motivated to develop ourselves further. 

These tips are ways we can do for ourselves to boost our self-esteem. With focus and determination, we can do these for ourselves. However, we cannot discount the outside elements that may affect us, like other people’s opinions. Although these challenges are difficult to overcome, we also have the control not to allow ourselves to be brought down by such negative elements. Do you agree with these tips?



(Photo by Prateek Katyal from Pexels)

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