My Top 5 Daily Distractions and How I Deal with Them

No matter how focused a person is on his or her daily tasks, he or she is still prone to distractions that lead to unproductivity. Distraction is especially inevitable now that we are in the age when technology and innovation are commonplace, and everyone can get easy access. 

In my daily life, as someone who works at home and without a boss, my time is my own. I do not need to report to anyone. Nobody will reprimand me if I do not do my tasks. However, I have to follow a routine and complete tasks to continuously work on my mission. Yet, given that I have freedom of my time, I tend to succumb to distractions. Here are the most common things that distract me. 

  1. Social media is not something I can avoid because it has a vital role in my business. However, a disadvantage is that I also tend to get carried away and linger in it unnecessarily. To prevent me from wasting time on it, I consciously assign a specific time to check social media for essential purposes. 
  2. Minor troubles that happen in my personal life from time to time are also one of the causes that I get distracted. Instead of focusing on the essential tasks that I have set beforehand, I usually divert my attention to the sudden challenge that also causes me stress. To get back to my focus, I ask myself whether the current challenge needs to be attended to first or if it is more important than my other tasks. I make sure to add it to my list of tasks based on their importance.
  3. Every time I scroll my social media timeline, I usually find news and controversies that, more often than not, manage to catch my attention. Because of it, I tend to read more or research more about the issue, which mostly does not even concern me or my business. To address this distraction, I make sure not to check my social media timeline before completing my routine and tasks. 
  4. When engrossed with tasks, ideas would suddenly pop into my head, such as concepts for new training programs or new projects. These ideas would usually trigger my focus to be diverted to working on them instead of completing the tasks at hand. To manage my time well, I take note of the idea and go back to it once done with my priorities. I always tell myself that such sudden ideas can wait and are not as crucial as my current activities or tasks.
  5. Conducting training sessions almost every day causes me to always think about my delivery of each presentation. I tend to repeat the training sequence in my head and think if I delivered it the right way or not. For me, it is not helpful if I spend more time overthinking. However, I made this habit into something beneficial by taking note of what didn’t work or what I can improve next time and use the information to make my subsequent training sessions better. 

Instead of indulging myself in all the distractions of my daily life, I do my best and do whatever it takes to help myself turn away from them. If we condition ourselves that we have to focus on the essential things, we can have the determination to fight such temptations. If we can’t avoid it, we have to find a way around it at the very least. 

How about you? What usually distracts you from doing your tasks? Are you able to manage it? 



(Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels)

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