My Reasons To Go Low-Carb For Life

Three months ago, I stopped consuming what was supposed to be a must-have in my every meal – rice. Actually, it was not just rice. I stopped eating foods that are rich in carbohydrates and sugar. Yes, I also gave up on my guilty pleasure. I gave up on sweets. Those who know my sweet tooth would be shocked how I automatically decided to give them up altogether. But, I am proud of myself because I overcame the temptations. What a feat, right? 

Others say we are torturing ourselves because we are depriving ourselves, but the truth is we are doing ourselves a big favor. We are protecting our bodies from pains that would come with the different illnesses we might develop due to unhealthy lifestyles. 

Honestly, this is not the first time I tried to follow a healthy diet. In fact, I can no longer remember my number of attempts. So, why did I push through with this one?  

  1. I realize now that I am getting older that I need to invest more in my health than ever. This diet is a preventive measure. 
  2. I got rid of the unwanted baggage (fats) that had weighed me down for a long time. Despite my persistence to get rid of them through exercise, they remained. However, they disappeared like magic after a few weeks without carbohydrates and sugar. 
  3. My energy and stamina went up many times over. This result was a plus point for me since I always need high energy in what I do. Being on this diet helps me to always be at the top of my game and not exhausted afterwards.

These reasons may not sound convincing to those looking for reasons to give up on the high-carb and sugar intake. Yet, to those who are experiencing such changes, these are very significant. 

While it might be quite an expensive diet, it is very much worth every expense. It might just save me from having medication maintenance when I grow old. I say it is short-term pain for long-term gain. For sure, your body and pocket will thank you later in life. 

Do you think this diet is worth trying?



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