Millionaire Mind Intensive

Millionaire Mind Intensive: A T.Harv Eker Signature Program

In August of 2016, my wife and I attended a training that I heard about in the National Achievers’ Congress 2015. The program name is unforgettable and screams promise – Millionaire Mind Intensive. To be truthful, I thought that it was about how to be a millionaire, and I guess I am not alone in that impression. I even received some questions about its morality. To anyone who has not attended the program, it really seems to be just about accumulating more and more money.

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Even if there is a program like the latter, why do we criticize or condemn a training that involves money-making? Why do we always associate money with evil? What are the uses of money? We are no longer living in a time where we exchange essential goods with goods we produce. We need money to buy these goods instead. We need money to secure a roof over our heads. We need money to enhance our knowledge and skills. We need money to ensure our health. We need it because that’s what is used in our time. We just adapt to survive and thrive. Are these things we exchange for money evil? If your answer is no, you have to attend Millionaire Mind Intensive. If your answer is yes, you NEED to attend Millionaire Mind Intensive.

In a span of three days, we experienced a transformation of a lifetime. We discovered the kind of relationship we had with money and the misconceptions we had about it and about people having more of it. Our learning from MMI freed us from guilt, anger, insecurity, and other issues. We discovered how real successful people think – how a millionaire mind works. Aside from the new concepts we learned, there were workshops that helped us address and overcome our fears. Specifically, we were led to change our money and success blueprints for good, we were made to identify our attitude towards money, we were conditioned not to be ruled by money, and we were taught that it’s the habit of saving money and not the amount that matters. Our eyes opened to what we refused to see. In other words, Millionaire Mind Intensive is not just an informational training, it is also a transformative one.

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This signature program of T. Harv Eker can easily be one of the world-changing training programs there is. I am in awe of people like T. Harv Eker who makes it their mission to educate others, and I am grateful to organizations like Laurus Enterprises and Success Resources that make sure more people get the opportunity to be part of such programs.

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If you are having a problem with money or if you are having fun with it, I urge you to join this program and watch your life and others lives transform before your very eyes.

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