Is Too Much Positivity Good for You?

Throughout my younger years, I had been led to believe that claiming a positive outcome ahead is like inviting the opposite to happen. Because of that belief, I developed the fear of voicing out my goals and dreams for the future, lest I attract opposing forces that would sabotage my chances of reaching those objectives. I silently prayed for my plans to happen, but I never said them out loud. I just kept them to myself.

Back then, I only depended on the knowledge of my elders to guide me through life. Just like most of the children of my generation, I was never one who questioned authority. Yet, as I grew older and got the chance to access more sources of knowledge, I discovered that my belief was farther from the truth. I have summed up the knowledge I learned in favor of keeping a positive attitude in life. 

  1. What we think and say, we attract. Contrary to my early belief about jinxing the outcome of what I hoped for if I get ahead of myself, thinking and speaking positive words can give you the energy that can dispel negative energies that could prevent a positive outcome. 
  2. What we feed ourselves, we allow to nourish our hearts. Positive words are like healthy food for our hearts like negative words are like poison. If we keep on feeding ourselves with positivity instead of doubts, fears, and other toxic emotions, we would probably flourish through our journey in life.
  3. What we imagine, we conjure. If we always think or talk about the result we hope for; we are subconsciously conditioning our mind and all parts of our body to act in such a way that would make things happen rather than prevent them from happening. When we think or speak negatively, then we are likely sabotaging ourselves. 
  4. When we are positive, we become problem solvers. Instead of wasting our time dreading the outcome, we gravitate towards finding a solution or an alternative that we could take. Dreading results from negative self-talk and mindset, while taking action is the result of having a positive outlook. 

Amidst all these, we need to remember that being optimistic does not equate to being unrealistic. Does it mean we should not accept negative results? Of course not. We hope and work for the best outcome, but we accept, make plans, and try again when it does not happen. Isn’t being positive better than being bitter? 



(Photo by Julia Avamotive from Pexels)

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