How to Overcome Your Fears

Fear, an unpleasant feeling caused by thoughts of danger, pain, or suffering, can sometimes become more dangerous to a person than the perceived danger itself. How? If allowed to take control over one’s mind, fear causes one to think and act irrationally. It cripples a person and hinders their ability to function and thrive. The objects of fear vary from one person to another, albeit some also share the same fear. It can be caused by a thing, a creature, another person, a concept, a situation, or a feeling. 

Regardless of the kind and gravity of a person’s fear, one may overcome it the same way that others might. Here is a process that one may find helpful in overcoming any fear. 

  1. Gradually face your fears rather than avoid them. Some people do their best to keep themselves safe from whatever it is that they fear. They prevent it or any situation that might lead them to the object of their fear. This strategy, however, would limit a person from experiencing life to the fullest. It can cause missed opportunities. Therefore, instead of avoiding it, one should face it gradually. Allowing oneself to be exposed to whatever they are afraid of will help in getting accustomed to it. The fear may not entirely dissipate, but it will eventually lessen and no longer cause panic or paralysis, which is more dangerous. 
  2. Talk to the right people and seek help or advice. It may not be easy for a person to admit to other people that they have fears, not only because of pride but also because it makes them more vulnerable. However, if one wants to conquer such a challenge, they should accept that they need other people’s help. One would find that allowing other people who care and can help to talk and walk them through those fears makes them less afraid because they now have someone who could help them face and overcome the challenge.   
  3. Actively remind yourself of the positive things around you. People tend to lose sight of beautiful things when overwhelmed with negative feelings, especially that crippling feeling of fear. They tend to focus on anxiety. One should make a conscious effort to remind themselves of the other beautiful things, other good people, other great happenings around them to help lessen the impact of what one fear. It is like diminishing negative thoughts through positive thinking. 

These strategies can only serve a person well if they have the resolve to quell their fears indeed. One needs to have faith and bravery, for there is not enough advice to break through a distrustful or cowardly heart. 

Do you think these ways help overcome fears? 





(Photo by Vie Studio from Pexels)

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