How to Motivate Your Team

There is strength in numbers, they say. It isn’t always the case, especially when those part of a group or team are not all motivated. Who do you think will win, a single motivated person or ten uninterested individuals? 

If you lead a team, regardless of the number, it is essential to not only fulfill your financial obligations but also to boost their morale. How do you motivate your team?

  1. Make sure you are motivated first. Being the leader, your team looks up to you and observes everything you do and feel. When they see that you are uninspired, they will catch the feeling.
  2. Provide a clear vision and purpose. When your team members do not know your vision, you cannot expect them to be enthusiastic about what they do. Who wants to move when they’re like being blind, going nowhere?
  3. Provide them with a chance to grow. When a person is always restricted from doing things, they become uninspired and would tend to remain where they are. As a leader, you should learn to provide an environment where they can test their abilities and grow more. This is an effective tool to make them more excited to work every day. 
  4. Express your gratitude regularly. Don’t you feel more excited and inspired to work when people express their appreciation for your service? You do, right? Use that same principle when dealing with your team. They will become more motivated to work when they know and are informed that their efforts are appreciated. They will even be more inspired to think outside the box and do more of what you expect of them.
  5. Celebrate their wins at all times. Remember when you were still in school, and your parents would buy you a present to celebrate your school achievements? You were delighted, right? How about when you aced your exams, but your parents didn’t care? Didn’t you feel sad or unmotivated to work harder for the next exam? So, you have to remember to celebrate your wins and the wins of your team. It is one way to motivate them to work harder. 

These are some of the effective ways to keep your team and make them motivated at all times. A dream team is not only a result of bringing talented or skillful people together; instead, it results from outstanding leadership. A great leader is a good example and a great motivator and inspirator. 



(Photo by Andrea Piacquadio)

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