How to Maintain Happiness Despite Life’s Difficulties

We encounter different types of difficulties as we live our life day by day. We acknowledge them as part of life, but we only see them as something negative. As a result, we usually feel down when we encounter them. 

It would be a lie if I said that I don’t feel down every time I experience a challenge or what people would call a problem because I do. Among all the negative emotions I feel each time a difficulty arises, worry is the most distinctive. I usually get worried about whether I could overcome such a circumstance or not. I acknowledge that I feel such feelings, but I always do my best not to dwell on them so that I can rationally think and find solutions. On top of that, I want to go back to having a happy and healthy disposition to avoid attracting more problems. Therefore, every time I am dealing with difficulties, I do the following:

  1. I count each of my blessings, big and small. The hardships I experience become insignificant when I realize all the good things I have. As a result, I start to feel better. 
  2. I rid myself of the victim mentality. It is common for people to blame their problems on other people. Even if there are instances when other people cause my difficulties, I make an effort within myself not to blame them. Instead, I assess my shortcomings to avoid them in the future. Doing this helps me feel better than getting stuck feeling offended. 
  3. I focus on making myself and my situation better. This is the best course of action when one is faced with any challenges. Since we know that difficulties are part of life, we should know that we can overcome them, and it is up to us how to do so.  
  4. I remind myself that hardships make me stronger. I always feel better when I remind myself how previous experiences, good and bad, have helped me to become a better, stronger, and more resilient person. Therefore, when I encounter another obstacle, I remind myself of that fact again for me to see the silver lining. 
  5. I do my best to be a blessing to others and lighten their loads. Seeing other people smile never fails to warm my heart. Since I know how it feels to experience hard times, I do my best to alleviate other people’s burdens even while I am experiencing the same. In this way, I still feel happy and blessed for being able to make others happy and blessed. 

Do you find it difficult to maintain happiness when faced with difficulties? Try following the tips above. 



(Photo by Kat Smith from Pexels)

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