How To Have a Carefree Living

As years keep adding up to my life, I become more curious about the difference in the lives of those who are happier from those who seem to be more uptight. Some would say that it is a no-brainer question. According to them, those who do not struggle financially are happier. Yet, it’s not always the case based on my observations. As I meet more people and learn their respective stories, I still get surprised with how some of them maintain a positive and happy disposition despite the challenges that life throws at them. 

So what did I discover? Since we are social beings, we inadvertently base our actions and decisions on the people around us – whether from wanting to please or from not wanting to be judged or cause disappointment. This kind of living is not healthy because it could hold us from tapping on our full potential and achieving our goals. Limited by the fear of society’s standards, the fear of being wrong in other people’s views and the eagerness to please others. Needless to say, this way does not make one happier. 

While it is not easy to divert from this tendency, there are little things that we can do to slowly do:

  1. Keep yourself surrounded by people who acknowledge and encourage your views and goals, no matter how unique they may seem. While choosing solitary life may seem to be the perfect option for those who cannot stand criticisms and unsolicited advice, it is not feasible. I believe in the saying that no man is an island. Fortunately though, we have the free will to choose who to surround ourselves with. If you are someone who needs positive encouragement, then be with people who will not willingly put out your passion.  
  2. Learn to compartmentalize when dealing with people who have different viewpoints from you. Due to people’s differences in experiences, we should always expect differences in opinions or viewpoints as well. While some people are willing to accept this difference, there are those who feel strongly about their beliefs that they would take offense when they hear different notions. When you find yourself in this situation, never take things personally.  
  3. Take care of your wellbeing. Take care of yourself by continuously learning and taking time to rest and have fun. When you have a well-rounded life, it would be easier for you to appreciate the goodness of life and see the challenges as means to develop your character.  

Do you think that living a carefree life is possible? Are these pieces of advice helpful to achieve such a goal?



(Photo by Samir Jammal)

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