How To Find Great Companions

It’s really amazing what interacting with people (in person) can do, especially after a few years of being limited to online interactions. These past few weeks, I stumbled upon realizations after realizations due to our travels. 

One of my realizations this time is how to find great companions in people. Finding and maintaining great companionships does not solely depend on the other party. I have come to realize that there are essential factors that are dependent on you. If you wish to find great companions in the people in your life or new acquaintances, try heeding these pieces of advice:

  1. Be a good listener. No one wants to deal with a person who does not listen and only talks about himself. In addition, when you know how to listen, you can build a more connected relationship with the other person. 
  2. Be respectful. People have differences, but it would not be a reason for disagreements when each one knows respect. People who see how you do not judge them and their life choices tend to give you the same consideration. Thus, a harmonious relationship has a great tendency to start.  
  3. Be humble. No one wants to be with someone who constantly brags and shows off. Do not use a conversation as an opportunity to put the spotlight on yourself. When the spotlight is what you want, find a stage, not great companions.
  4. Be good-natured. Though first impressions do not always turn out to be accurate, they affect a person’s decision in dealing with you. Therefore, do not appear reserved if you wish people to want to approach and interact with you. Moreover, people seldom want to maintain relationships with people with unpleasant demeanors.   

The main lesson of this discussion is that you should be someone you wish to associate with. You deserve what you give to the world. If you want to experience goodness, then be good.  

Do you find these pieces of advice sensible?



(Photo by Gonzalo Carlos Novillo Lapeyra) 

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