How Love is Displayed in the World of Sales

It is not once that I heard comments that refer to salespeople as self-serving. People think that the reason for the existence of the job is to promote or sell products or services to people. It is now common for people to feel that compliments given and niceties shown by salespeople to them are just a front to lure them in. This judgment is not only the cause of people’s prejudice but also the result of many salespeople’s wrong approach in selling. 

However, the reason we venture into business or enter the world of sales is not mainly to generate sales but also to solve people’s problems.

Do you wonder how you can earn the trust of the people you want to serve despite the general reputation of salespeople? You have to make sure that your priority is to serve other people right, not the price that the service entails. Once you know that your heart is in the right place, you will be capable of making them feel that you love to help them. Here are three ways to display that love:

  1. Lead people to avail the right product or service regardless of the corresponding benefit on your part as the salesperson. Even if you or the company can benefit more if your buyer would purchase a more expensive product, you should not lead him to own that product if you know that it is not what he needs or wants. 
  2. Make people feel that their concerns about the product or service are valid. It would be best not to be defensive when the buyer raises questions or concerns about the product or service he intends to avail. It is your responsibility to address those concerns and make him feel comfortable with his choice. 
  3. Walk with them from the start until whenever. Even after the purchase, you should still make yourself available to your buyer. Your service should not stop after the sale is made. Be creative in making sure you still connect with them whether they have questions or not.

These are very simple acts that you can do as a salesperson, but they can help break the stigma attached to salespeople. On a more personal level, these good practices can help you in gaining more clients. How? Through the excellent service you provided and continually provided your valued clients, you made them feel safe with you; therefore, they will refer their family and friends who need the same product or service to you in the future. 

How else can a salesperson make a client safe and loved? 




(Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels)

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