How I Transition From I-Can-Do-It To I-Did-It

What phrase do people usually utter when they encourage themselves to pursue their goals or dreams? They typically say, “I can do it” over and over. I know that much, as I am one of those who say this as a mantra to keep me going after what I am passionate about. 

However, I also know that life should not only be about positive thinking or declarations to turn dreams into reality. I also know that much. In my more than 30 years of living life the best way I can, I have learned and worked on declaring that I can positively and say I did it successfully. 

Here are the steps that I usually follow to transition my I-cans to I-dids:

  1. I declare first. Declaring is very important for me because it helps me direct all the other parts of my body to the direction of my mind. When I voice out what I want, I coordinate with all aspects of my being to unite for the same purpose. 
  2. I gather strength. Gathering strength for me is getting all the support I can and need to accomplish my goal. Asking for help is not something I shy away from because two or more heads are better than one. Why would I punish myself by doing things on my own if I have the chance to be more successful with the support of others? 
  3. I equip myself. As I always say, in every opportunity I have, one thing I invest in is education. Continuing to learn is something that I do not only see as an additional activity to fill my hours. It is a necessity. For me to continuously have the ability to achieve my goals, I have to continue to grow and develop my competencies. 
  4. I try and try. Since it is not uncommon for failures or mistakes to transpire, I always remind myself not to succumb to self-pity when a mishap takes place. I remind myself of how such things are part of the process, which could also help me grow and learn more. Therefore, despite all the challenges, I try again every time I fail. 
  5. I always give my 100% effort. One of the best ways to have a chance for my goals to be achieved is to ensure that I give my 100% best when accomplishing them. There should be no room for half-hearted efforts. 

How about you? How do you make your dream a reality?



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