How I Found a Path to My Future in a Bookstore

          I have always been vocal about how grateful I am to the people who served as the bridge for me to be on this mission I have now. These people include the Laurus Enterprises team, who brought some of the world’s greatest inspiring individuals, motivational speakers, and professional trainers here in the country. From attending the National Achievers’ Congress that they organized to being one of the speakers of their recently concluded TakeOff Summit 2021, I can say that they have been a significant part of my journey. To say that I might have been on a different path now if I hadn’t known them is something I would not discount because it’s a possibility. For this reason, I am forever thankful that I followed the urge to visit the National Bookstore one fateful afternoon years ago. 

          When I was still working as a salesperson, I barely had time for other things because I was always busy entertaining inquiries, talking with clients, or conducting orientations. I barely even give myself time to breathe. Yet, one fine afternoon, I suddenly felt the desire to visit the bookstore across our office to buy some books. While I waited for my turn at the cashier counter, I saw this poster about the National Achievers’ Congress that would be held in Manila.  It included who the speakers were, and I saw that many inspiring speakers would be there. I got excited because I had always wanted to witness those speakers give a talk in person, so I took note of the details on how to register. A day after, I successfully registered.

          Through that event, I learned about the Millionaire Mind Intensive. MMI then led me to Quantum Leap, and the rest is history. I did not keep it a secret that these training events transformed my life for the better.  If I did not follow that urge to go to the bookstore that day, I would not have known about that event which led me to the other life-changing programs that the event organizer brought in the country. Then I wouldn’t be where I am now. I wouldn’t have realized that my mission is to help other people become champions in sales. 

2 Lessons I got from this experience:

  1. We should not take any moment for granted. Any little moment can lead to a big one. Everything happens for a reason indeed. When you feel an urge, do not ignore it. You feel that push because there is a reason. Believe in a force that is working to help you fulfill your destiny or purpose in life.  
  2. More importantly, be never afraid to take risks. You may feel that the situation you have back then is more comfortable than your current one, keep going still. Do not abandon your path right away if it gets more and more challenging. One thing can lead to another. Enjoy the process. See each step through. 

          Go with where life takes you. Trust God that He will guide you to where He wants you to be. Do not ignore signs or symbols no matter how small or simple they may be, and do not forget how you started and the people who helped you achieve what you want. 



(Photo by Stanislav Kondratiev from Pexels)

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