Elvenril Camus

My name is Elvenril Camus, but my family and friends call me Elven. I was born and raised in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. I grew up in poverty and realized early in life that I needed to work as hard as possible in order to improve the life of my family. This proved to be the theme of my life journey – transformation and self-improvement.

Right after graduating from college, I worked as a hotel room attendant. Because of my determination and passion, I was promoted as a front desk officer after two years. During my third year, I received countless recognition for my excellence in the job.

When I was 25 years old, I was offered to work as a front desk officer in an immigration consultancy firm in Cebu City. After eight months in the job, I got promoted as an immigration specialist in the company after expressing my desire to become one. During the early phase of my new career, I struggled in sales for five months and was broke. I didn’t know how to get prospects, deliver good presentations, handle objections, and close the sales which were available for me. I was always looking for brand new clients, and that act made me stressful every start of the month. For several months, I was the least producer in our company. I briefly considered giving up and approached my boss to allow me to go back as a front desk officer. I surrendered to the thought that I was not meant for the job. However, my boss and mentor, PED, motivated me to continue learning the skills. He told me that I could be the top producer someday. His motivation really inspired me, hence, I did my best to learn and apply the training given by my mentors.

In the duration of my career as an immigration specialist, I have proven myself to be a passionate learner and a highly-motivated salesperson. My relentless dedication to what I do capacitated me to inspire people during the immigration seminars I conducted locally and internationally. I was able to help hundreds of working professionals to pursue a much brighter future for their families through inspiration. Due to the trust and relationship, I was able to establish with my valued clients, I was able to break records in the company and received recognition for it. I got a Hall of Fame award as the top performer in sales for four consecutive years.

During my 14th year of working in the corporate world, I realized that I can use my passion in a bigger scope. Thus, I engaged myself in a number of life-changing training and seminars provided by the world-leading event promoter – Success Resources, with the help of Laurus Enterprises. Completing world-class training such as T. Harv Eker’s Signature Program – Quantum Leap including Train the Trainer and Making The Stage, motivated me even more to become a better version of myself. I realized that in order to keep my passion burning, I must never stop learning and I must use the said learning into helping others grow. Currently, I am part of the Blair Singer Training Academy (BSTA) under my mentor, Blair Singer. BSTA has a mission of creating the greatest teacher/leaders and facilitators in the world.

Because of my complete dedication to improve myself, and through the transformative journey I have set out for myself, I aimed to bring about positive change to others and to inspire people to achieve their full potential. I resigned from my corporate job and founded Elevate Results Training and Consulting (ERTC) – my own company, which has a mission of helping sales and business professionals, organizations, and other individuals to increase their sales, grow their team and elevate their business. To this day, I have already conducted over 600 public and private sales and service excellence training and seminars in different companies and locations in the Philippines. Through these training events, ERTC was able to touch the lives of around 10,000 sales professionals from the Real Estate, Insurance, Network Marketing, Car Dealership, Pharmaceutical, and other industries 

In addition, my dream to share my passion, not only to a few people but to a big crowd, turned into a reality on October 20, 2019. In front of a thousand people during the National Achievers Congress Philippines 2019, I shared a stage with some of the world’s best speakers – Matthew Hussey, Peng Joon, Rajiv Talreja, Dr. Dolf Ross and Sandy Jadeja. I shared the Millionaire Mind – the Secret Psychology of Wealth topic with the participants.

Even before all these achievements, I recognized that my unstoppable passion, firm self-discipline and positive attitude directly relate to my firm belief that in order to succeed in life, I must put God first before everything else.