Frequently Asked Questions

Salespeople, team leaders, and owners of Real Estate, Insurance, Multi-Level Marketing, Car Dealership, Pharmaceutical, and Retail companies

Any companies that require sales and business growth. We tailor or customize programs based on the need of the companies.

Anybody who needs personal and professional development, strategies, and tools that can be used as their weapon in achieving excellence in sales, in business, and in life can avail of the coaching program.

ERTC does not have a collaboration with PRC.

ERTC’s training programs are not designed as programs that can merit CPD units.

All training programs, except Closing the Sales Mastery (Preview Training), and Advanced Sales Training, will merit the participant/ graduate a certificate.

Recording is not available for participants. We encourage professionals to witness the live or actual event and experience it firsthand.

The team will provide client support even after the event. The graduates can ask questions, assistance, or guidance to support the lessons they learned from the training.

The learning investment is non-refundable. It is, however, transferable to another person who wishes to join any of ERTC’s training programs. It may also be transferred to another program date.

Yes, you are allowed to transfer your learning investment to another program schedule. The transfer is allowed once only.

All contents and materials provided by the trainer and ERTC are private and must not be disclosed to the public nor to anyone who has not attended the program yet.