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ERTC’s Online Program: Is it helpful?

When CoVid-19 pandemic hit, ERTC’s scheduled live trainings were automatically cancelled. Yet, this did not stop us from continuing to serve others. It even motivated us to help professionals in the sales industry to continuously rise up and prevent the effects of the ongoing crisis. Hence, we came up with a program that can help sales professionals through a different medium. This program, which is delivered via Zoom, is called Closing the Sales Mastery (CSM).

Since the lessons that are taught in all of ERTC’s training are based on the experiences of the founder/trainer in his years of being in the sales industry, one can be sure that the learning are applicable and practical. As the program name suggests, CSM is focused on equipping a salesperson with the skills and art of selling that are proven to be effective in handling different types of objections and closing more sales. Yet, just like the other programs of Elevate Results Training and Consulting, Closing the Sales Mastery is designed to enable salespeople to see that this industry is established to serve other people. More than a means to earn money, sales is about building relationships and helping people get their needs, wants – to their dreams. The founder believes that if salespeople offer their products or service to the customers first and build relationships after, the latter will say ‘no’, but if salespeople would build relationships first and offer their products or service after, the customers will say ‘yes’. This and Zig Ziglar’s statement that, “you can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want”, are two of the principles behind CSM and the other programs of ERTC. We aim to build sales champions in the country who have credibility, integrity, passion, discipline and attitude. Thus, in this program, we ensure that sales professionals will learn the following:

  • how to transfer ones feelings about the offered product or service to potential clients/buyers
  • how to increase self-confidence and earn more trust from potential clients/ buyers.
  • the right questions that build good relationships leading to paperwork approval.
  • the words that kill sales and the words that sell in any industry.
  • the color that kills sales and the colors that sell.
  • the three effective ways to follow up prospects and clients without annoying them.
  • the tested and proven template in handling different types of objections that inspires prospects to give small YESes leading to big YESes.
  • the different types of closing that can be used anytime and anywhere.
  • how to close more sales naturally and become a champion in the industry.
  • the attitudes and habits of a champion.
  • how to be and stay on top, and be a blessing to others who need help.


We have already conducted this training for the 10th time since May of this year, and it has been proven to be very effective by our valued clients who have completed it.


Countless positive feedback is being sent to us every time our participants get to apply their learning. Here are some of the reviews we got for Closing the Sales Mastery:

Salespeople are sometimes avoided by people because of their approaches and practices that are quite pushy, aggressive or manipulative. If you want to help break this stigma and become a champion not just in sales but also in life, equip yourself and be part of our training.

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