Dealing with Pressure and Expectations

Was there a decision about your life you made because of people’s expectations? I guess most people do have at least one. I think I speak for most people when I say that it is pretty difficult not to allow the pressure and expectations of family and friends to affect you. It feels good to be appreciated, so we sometimes do things that make people appreciate us, even if they do not make us happy. 

While I can say that now, I do not easily succumb to the pressure that other people put upon me, it was not always the case in the past. I had taken significant steps before, caused by the strong insistence of others or their express disappointment with my desired choices. Not having much experience and knowledge made me gullible. Thankfully, I learned to deal with it as I grew older. No, the pressure and expectations are still there. They’re even more extraordinary than what I had when I was younger. They vary from career path to family life. If I allow myself to let them all in, I might go crazy with anxiety because then I would be pressuring myself. So, how do I manage it?

  1. I assure myself that it is okay to journey at my own pace. Reminding myself that each person has their own pace and time is one of the best ways to keep me from overthinking. It eases my mind. I have to do my part, but I should never force things to happen. I trust the process. 
  2. I do what I love and what I am passionate about. Following the path that leads to what I love or call to me makes me less mindful of other people’s pressure or expectations. Knowing that I am pursuing the course that I love makes it more meaningful and rewarding amidst all the challenges. It would just blur the disagreement of other people. 
  3. I love what I do and am passionate about it. Making sure to always put my heart and soul into everything I do gives me no room for regret. Wholeheartedly embracing the beauty and flaws of the path I choose keeps me from thinking negatively.  
  4. I never let the pressure get in my head. I acknowledge people when they pressure me to do something, but I condition myself not to let it sit in my mind and heart. I go back to the first step – assuring myself that it is okay to have my own pace. 
  5. I never do something to satisfy other people’s expectations. When I do something, I always ask myself who I am doing it for. Is it because of the pressure? Is it because it’s what’s expected of me? Use their advice as guidance, but the decision should be based on your chosen path. 

We can never get rid of the pressure or the expectations of people. Neither can we deafen ourselves from them. Since these are some things we have no control over, we have to control how we deal with them instead. 

How about you? How do you deal with pressure and expectations?





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