Grateful that I was able to attend the Sales&Service Excellence Training. I have a love and hate relationship with "Sales". but NOW I have a better view about "Sales".

Applied Knowledge is Power!
Raulin Fatima Atillo Timonera
I am not really a confident person plus I have no experience and training so I really had a hard time building relationship with my leads leading to zero closed sale for almost a year.

But then after joining the Closing the Sales Mastery training of Elevate Results Training and Consulting, in just 2 days after the training I was able to close 4.8 Million sale by applying the lessons that I learned.

Special thanks to our coach, mentor and a friend, Coach Elvenril Camus for a great learning experience.🥰

He will take you to next level. 100%
Jayward Laput
Great experience and highly recommendable. Thank you sir Elven. More Power!
Ariel Quinto
Thank you so much Sir Elven Camus for sharing your knowledge. Highly recommended. I learned a lot in Art of Selling.
Nordelyn Siga
With very simple techniques that can be applied at once. Highly recommended!
Roselie F. Nonescan
The half day training taught me a lot of things and applicable ideas that i can surely utilize in doing my business.

The program was squeezed in a short period yet the very gist was delivered essentially.

Those who yearn to learn more about improving your sales and doing it the right way must consider attending this. Thank you Elevate Results.
Roselie F. Nonescan
Attending this seminar was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I learned a lot in the art of selling and it provided me with fresh new perspectives that would help me perform better in my field and provide better services to my clients.
John Alex Oliver
It was a great learning experience to become a part of your training Sir Elvin Camus. You're a very dynamic trainer and I am lucky to have the opportunity to be trained by a master and a champion! I made the right decision to invest in your program, from AST up to MST & SDP all are excellent program as it covers all the aspects in improving our skills, attitude and self discipline as salesman. The intensity and creativity of your program are very inspiring and refreshing, even after the training the formula and techniques spins around my head and works in my imagination. Your unique way of delivering your lessons results in better understanding and for me the skills you've thought is not only applicable in Sales, I'm using all of it now as what you've said applied knowledge is power!

Thank you very much Elevate Results Training & Consulting and to Mr. Elvenril Camus.

Johndel Adolfo
One of the best trainings I attended so far. Thank you for passionately sharing your knowledge, Elven! Keep it up. The world needs you.
Frances Mae V. Elleso-Anteza
I highly recommend Elevate Results Training & Consulting as a game changer in sales and marketing. even if you are not a sales or marketing person, you will learn a lot and enjoy at the same time. After this training I realized I was using a lot of words that kills rather than words that sell which is a big NO NO. Now that I know my mistakes and was corrected during the training, I believe I could grab more clients and opportunity along the way. Truly a game changer! Thank you sir Elvenril Camus. God Bless!
Rolan Narz
we asked at the end, one word that describes our feelings. EXCITED! Im excited to apply the knowledge, techniques and values that ive learned from the 3day intensive training.

MST-SDP is not all about techniques just to have a sale... but to have a TRUE SALE.. to connect with yourself to the people you want to serve(client), to add value and help them, breakthroughs and massive SALES will follow.

are you ready to elevate your results? 😁

Thank you so much ERTC team and Elven! ❤️ Highly recommended training!👏
Michelle Dizon-Galoso
One of the best sales training I've attended! All topics are beneficial to my career growth and expansion as a Salesperson! I highly recommend this training to all who wish to achieve their dreams in the future. And to Mr. Elvenril Camus, you are the 1st speaker for the 1st time that I did'nt felt sleepy because of your High Energy! Thanks for new learnings and I promise to share this training to my partners in Real Estate Business.. Salute and Congratulations! 🙏
Gladez Pal Mendoza
Just attended the Advance Sales Training CDO Batch 36 and it's soo amazing. It is not just about sales but also applicable to our daily lives. It's so benefecial, love it very much. Thank you sir Elven Camus. God bless you more!!!
Annie D. Endrano
I've become more caring about my clients.

If you want progress both in life and in sales then. I highly recommend the programs of Elven. He is a sales champion.
Charry Mina
I was so blessed to join Elevate Results‘ Advance Sales Training at Dynasty Court Hotel, last July 31, 2019. It was supposed to be a 4hour training and yet it ended almost 7pm. And guess what? No one had noticed the time was slipping by!!!

The trainer Elvenril Camus was an old neighbor and a classmate of my younger sister back in their elementary days. (I forgot to talk about this when I introduced him that day) When he was still a young lad he had already practiced his selling career by selling pandesal in our small village. ☺️

And now as he journeys through life and success he has met great legends and leaders in the like of Robert Kiosaki, Peng Joon, Tom Hopkins, Gerry Robert and trained by T Harv Eker, Blair Singer, Larry Gilman and more. These legends help him to be a champion of what he is doing best right now. And through his experiences in life, he crafted a program that is so powerful and will surely change the lives of whoever will embrace it. 😊 This is his way of being so grateful and passing what he has got as a game-changer. He wants to help elevate the lives of others and he is making this possible through his training and programs.
Maria Sheila Batistil Estrada
Self-investment is the best investment!

Great trainer with an impeccable attitude in life. Highly recommended to all people not only in sales but in life in general.

I'm ready and excited to put in into action, what I've learned to help more people and change their lives.
Jun Marquez
I attended Motivational Sales Training & Seal the Deal Program on Oct. 26 to 28, 2018. It was a great learning weekend for us. The contents and the trainor was highly qualified. They really know their stuff which was based on actual experience. I am confident my sales result would double. Kudos and more power to the team.
Richard Repato
The strategies were simple yet very very effective. The techniques will make anyone close 60% or more. Highly recommended
Julian Pineda
Before, i was so scared to talk to clients because i might say things that will turn them off and then i attended this 3day seminar. Now, i became confident that i can handle all my clients' objections and will close more sales!!! Thank you sir Elven for all your help!!!
Fem C. Ramirez
Lead trainer, Elven Camus, is very credible. The strategies, techniques and tools to become a MASTER CLOSER are very effective. If practiced and put into action, anyone in SALES will be successful in his/her own industry.
Joy Carissa T. Sison
nag attend ako sa training last year 2018, dahil lahat ng tinuturo niya ay naranasan niya masasabi kong sobrang ganda at hindi ninyo pag sisihan ang mag undergo kayo sa training na ito. kong gusto ninyo nang effortless at good client sa training na ito po malalaman ninyo kong paano at kong ano ang mga di dapat gawin. sabi nga nila service first then the commission follow😊😊😊 totoo po yon dahil kapag ang client mo nabigyan mo nang magandang serbisyo at maramdaman nilang ikaw ay nag mamalasakit sa kanila hindi mo na kailangan mag hanap nang client dahil kusa itong darating sayo😉 again thank you sir Elvenril Camus sa lahat ng ibinigay mong kaalaman ngayon po ay gamit na gamit ko na hahahah... God bless and more power po!
Pia Agustin Corvera
Property Adviser | RCEE Realty HLUTB Lic No. 003348
nagpapasalamat po ako na nakilala ko po kayo coach elven and elevate results and consulting, ang laki po ng natulong saken as a leader, dati hindi po ako confidence, mahiyain po kasi ako at hindi ko po alam kung paano elead ng tama ang team, after attending the training closing the sales mastery and one on one coaching of coach elven mas madali na siya and mas confidence na ako ngayon elead ang team, and excited na din po ako para sa kanila, 😊
Amorey John Onate
Before I just wanted to learn how to sell to earn big money. But after training with coach Elven, I realized that I should fix my foundation first and money will follow naturally.
Javier Suico III
Very informative. Great learnings. Very accommodating and friendly speaker
Tsiken Carwyn
Great Training! Very interactive & lots of learning
Jeanne Fabian Sarigumba
Elven is a great speaker! Experience is always the best teacher and he shared a lot of his. Strategies and techniques were also given which are really helpful to different kinds of field. Thank you!
Shenna Marie Sonio
It was so great being in the training!! I learned so much especially in handling customer inquiry and concerns. Highly recommended! Thank you so much!
Maica C. Alolor
Great learning experience. Sir Elven was so amazing. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Toni Tagle
Amazing coach.We learned so many things..thanks sir Elven.You did it awesome..Highly recommended😊
Merlyn C. Sisi
Very motivational and i learn a lot. good experience ever! Love the speaker. It is not a waste of time and money. You wilk learn the art of selling
Jackelyn Gamo
I highly recommend elevate results training & consulting for it is good to those people who want to learn more ways and techniques about sales.
Kathleen Marfa
I learned a lot. I will apply all these things to be the Top seller and to stay on Top. Great learnings.
Simon Bambico
Highly recommend. Helps your career growth and skills. They inspired you not just being a sales professional they will guide you by elevating your passion, self discipline, and attitude. Brings positive difference that will lead towards your desires. Thank you ERTC! 😍
Cecile Junes Ihong
This training boosts my confidence and selling skills and i will be able to apply all secrets i have learned in this activity. Thank you Sir Elven Camus.
Kris Antonni Joaquin Cadiz
so much learning with so much fun along with it. don't take my word for it, act now and experience it! 🥰♥️
Robin Magno
It was a great experience learning something new that we could use during our day to day operations in selling. Thank you so much Elevate Results Training for this opportunity. Surely we will apply all the things we have learned. Just keep helping people to be on top and stay on top!
Sharon M. Banaag
Extremely helpful. Join the training and see for yourself.
Dadi Vhong
I learned the techniques of selling. The approach and handling objections, which drive you to get the sell. To convert the “No” to “Yes” which we are after when we sell. Hope i can attend next time in Seal The Deal Program.
Chris Dave Joring Dominguez
It was great experience! I’ve learned so much and I will surely I apply it to close more sales!
Boyet Dutosme
I have learned a lot, I suggest all people out their who would like to be advance in sales to join this kind of training
Moner Macatiquel
thank you soo much Sir Elven,though its just a five hours training but its really meant a lot for me,I've learned a lot,,thank you once again,and may always God Bless you
Laine Rico
So much learning... How to deal with clients
Jeff Decatoria
i will recommend this to all.
Metchie V. De Guzman-Cruz
This training will make your world upside down. I thought I've known everything until I realized that I must go back to the basics. From projecting one's credibility, handling objections all the way to the art of closing a sale, this superb and practical techniques will redefine your sales career and elevate yourself to becoming a Master Closer Champion! Thank you Sir Elven for sharing your knowledge and best kept secrets. 🙋‍♂️👨‍💼😃👍
Michael Afable Rebato
I was not an expert when it comes to sales and building relationship but after attending the closing the sales mastery. I was able to become a CHAMPION! I learn a lot of things that will really help me elevate my results and as well give me so much energy to keep the fire burning. I highly recommend this training and coach to everyone who wants to become a master in sales, become a master asker, master listener and master closer and get what you want in life.

Angela Nava Geonanga
A fresh perspective to concpts that are very practical and applicable to any industry in sales.
Wilson Molina
Very amazed and starstruck that the trainer is an international speaker, and this is proven in AST as he shares his overflowing knowledge and skills that are accumulated from his years of learning and experience
Rich Joe
Awesome experience! I am thanful for this opportunity. These will help me grow. More power to Elven Camus!
Bel Le
I highly recommend this Advanced sales training program👍 of Mr. Elven Camus The training was fun, enjoyable and loaded with a lot of information. Everything was discussed in details, and we did several activities to keep the discussion going and more engaging. Thanks Sir! God bless you! Power on!👍
Che Villas
Hard to put into words everything I felt and learned from MST-SDP program. This program is just 3days but felt like I've journeyed through time because I got so much learnings, techniques, experiences, authenticity, courage, inspiring stories, affirmations and a lot more! Elven is a great trainor! ☑️ He exudes authenticity, expertise and generosity! His programs were all amazing! Everything is applicable to any aspect of life, not just in Sales. I love how he moved us to improve our very first product which is ourself. He embedded a dream in every participant, and inspired us that we can be champions! 👍

I will be forever grateful to you, Elven! You will always be in my prayers. May God bless you more... 🙏
Judith Austria-Carranza
Was such an awesome experienced. Grabbeeh Your program Advanced Sales Training (AST) was great and a blessing to us. This is the kind of training we need for our sales team to activate and earn more. My team was impressed! the ideas you thought us was new, they are all excited to apply those techniques in the field. To all business people, you will surely learned the new techniques in selling specially in the closing and how to get referrals and grow your pipeline in an simple and easy way. I will surely promote your program for the rest of my team to attend in your next Advanced Sales Training (AST) here in CdeO. Thank you Elven and to your team in Elevates Training & Consulting.
Bob Gementiza Ancos Langga
I have attended Elven’s AST and SDP in 2019 because I am new in the sales industry. I knew I had to invest in trainings like these to improve my attitude toward sales and be able to challenge myself to improve my productivity.

These programs were designed to really help a salesperson do the job professionally and act like a champion. I would say that his training style is one that will not only feed you with new, doable, effective, and efficient techniques but will also create a connection between one’s advocacy and attitude toward selling. I highly recommend these programs to those who want to improve their performance in sales without compromising their character.
Chryzaika A. Concepcion
The AST program help me gain knowledge and techniques that can be apply in selling and in every aspect of my life.This program is very helpful in fulfilling my future plans. Thank you very much Elevate Results Training & Consulting.
Petronillo Peligro
Had a blast with the seminar! I learned so much from closing the deal, valuing clients, power words, and all the topics discussed! I am very much excited to try this new learnings! Thank you so much sir!
Jay Cristian M. Oliver
“Investing in yourself is the best investment you can ever make.” ― Mohsin Jameel

I've always been an inquisitive person and likes to learn new things, I found out Elevate Results Training and Consulting and they were offering the Advanced Sales Training (AST). I decided to sign-up and join, and I never regret my decision to attend the training. I learned the do's and don'ts, techniques and strategies of selling. Our Sales Trainer and Motivational Speaker: Mr. Elvenril Camus delivered an in-depth knowledge about sales and strategies, we also get to apply our learning through fun workshop. The training was a great way to learn and enhance our skills, I truly believe that continuous learning is the key to career growth and skills advancement. Thanks much Sir Elven for the fun training and God bless!
TwistedAngel Inso
Everything happened in the training, would help every aspiring person, It change your view in life not just the sales, the way you communicate with one another. It such a great experience, for being first time attending a training seminar. Thank you for helping other people to build their strength and breakthrough. Wishing you greatness and blessing in Life Sir Elven.
Leah Lei
I’ve always thought that being great in sales is a natural born talent. And for many years, I also thought that a naturally introverted person like me will be so limited in many aspects of life. But I have proven myself wrong over the past weekend…

I just graduated from the MST-SDP Program yesterday and apart from feeling overjoyed for having finished it successfully, I am overflowing with gratitude to Elven for empowering me and so many people whose lives have been touched by his mission. I have come to appreciate his deep sincerity to help other people by enabling them to see the best in themselves and empowering them to harness their full potential.

I’ve learned so many things from the enriching MST-SDP Program, but it feels like I’ve only just begun the process. Applied daily and with dedication, I believe that what Elven has taught me and my colleagues will help me achieve the things I want most in life. And I absolutely recommend his program to anyone who wants the same for themselves. 😊
Maycee Sugarol
I have been in my comfort zone for the last 2 years and I have been constantly searching for the right mentor in Sales.

Elven's craft has abled me to deliver my life-changing ideas through his elevated sales performance and results.

This is another chapter of my life, for me to release my full potential until the last drop of my powers to create a legacy and share to all humanity that it is possible to have a GOODLIFE regardless of the background, past or whatever present situation we are in right now.

Leader like you is a channel to extend all the blessings that is available to all humanity. God bless you more Elvenril Camus! 👌🏻
Brian Dominic Padilla
Hello Sir Elvin, I just wanted to thank you for the lessons that I've learned during our trainings.

The picture above was from one of the attendees during our own seminar in regards with helping people to start their own online business.

One of my topics are the Positive Self Talk and How to Handle Objections. Hehe

Thank you Sir. I know na madami pa akong dapat matutunan pero I'm on it hehe
Justin Solitario
The best for those who want level up!
Joshua Santos
The training is geared up for Real life application.
Kevin Terence Olmedo
Elevate MST and SDP is a life changing event!

I was able to unleashed the power on me!

To all who wants to have a Grand Slam Championship in life, Get your slot now!:)
Fritz Corgado
Great evening Everyone share ko lang firstime ko umattend ng Elevate Results Training ni Mr. Elven Camus and i feel so blessed and happy kase sobrang dami kong nalearn talaga yong 1pm to 6:30 pm na training sobrang sulit pinaka hindi ko makalimutan na learnings since nasa realstate business ako kailangan pala wag natin kalimutan na Old Clients and New clients kailangan iparamdam natin yong Love and Care sa kanila kase minsan kahit hindi need ni clients mo yong Business Opportunity na offer mo dahil naramdaman nila yong care and love mo Mapapa Big Yes sila sayo kahit Simple Thank you Note sobrang Effective kase i realize People Dont care how much you know until they know how much you care once again thank you sir elven and your team 😊😊😊😊 God bless
Kenneth Venzon Alerta
Sir Elven is a great speaker! Experience is always the best teacher. His Strategies and techniques can really help us.Thank for your awesome training last day😊 I've learned a lot.. Just sharing lng po..before po ako umattend ng training ni sir Elven kahapon is pasuko na ako sa pangarap ko..meron po akong isang kaibigan na nag sabi before ka mag decide is attend ka muna ng training ni sir Elven Camus...after ko maka attend ng training nya is nabago yung pananaw ko instead na sumuko mas pinili ko pong ituloy yung sinimulan ko..and I'm excited to apply yung lahat ng tinuro po nya sa amin kahapon...ang Good news is nakapag close po kami ng 3 sales kanina napaka effective po talaga ng trainings ni sir Elven. Looking forward po na makasama ulit sa Trainings nyo po sir...Thank you so much sir Elven... You're an Inspiration to others..More power and God bless po.

#IAmAChampion #ElevateResultsTrainingandConsulting
Kimbee Arellano
This is a great learning experience. I highly recommend Elevate Results.
Yhan Bayabos Coronado
thanks elven for the great sales training. learned a lot though sales is not my forte but equipped me and am able now to help our sales team increase our sales.
Samuel Degollacion
Elven is an awesome speaker! Thank you so much for the learnings you shared to us! Not a single boring moment! Every discussion we had was amazing!
Rhea Cahutay Quisumbing
a great learning experience. i highly recommend.
Evelyn Tubo
Good experience nice teacher
John Rey Ladra
A great learning experience. Thank you 🙏
Ber Na Deth
This is one of the best career training program, one of the best person- a mentor that I met. Sir Elven you are just amazing. You have mend me the person I have to master the art
Philan Homes Condos
A great learning experience. Thank you elevate results training and consulting
DO Ado
Good decision for me. Good training. Im equipped.
Renzy Bee
In this training I learned a lot especially on how to be a champion in life,to handle different objections and how to close more sales! Thank you sir Elven Camus for being a great speaker and adviser.
Marjorie Obagan
Good training! learned a lot.
Abram Del Bando
A great learning experiences that money can't count. Thank you Sir Elven Camus😊
Aileen Flores Race
Very powerful, interactive and life-changing experience...two thumbs up!
Anna Polanco Nueva
Elevate Results Advanced Sales Training helps me on how to prospect and deal valued clients.
Checky Puyat
I am very much willing to be a part of your training but i have an appointment. Thank you for your best training
Jane Mary Dizon
I'm so much thankful because I had a lot of the opportunity learned about this seminar and it relatable and applicable in daily routine!
Edgar John
I learn how to speak with clients and close deals with them. 😁
Kristian Paolo Barrios
Learnings Neverstop, Literally! Thank you Elevate Results Training & Consulting!
Jayson Gorio Gregorio
At first, I was in doubt if sales was really for me. After attending the training, I am now ready to apply and earn more! I highly recommend this person who speaks from his experiences and learnings from great mentors. Energy is still high though we finished past midnight. 😂Thank you very much for everything! The passion is there.
Charmaine B. Deloso
I was looking for answers to effectively communicate with my business partners and clients, God gave me this amazing training. Thank you Sir Elvenril Camus for the learnings the we can apply thoughout my sales career. Godbless you and your team!
Rosemarie Miranda Lacsina
I highly recommend... a lot of learnings & an awesome coach. I salute you Sir elvenril, you did great. ☺
Annabel Rabor
The training is very practical, effective and quite fun!!
Tonette Lapus-Mendiola
Before, I can say to myself that I'm good enough to inspire people, to close the deals based on my experienced, BUT when I meet sir Elven Camus I realized that I was motivating myself so wronged . sir thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and sharing your skills on me. thank you and more power for your program.
Ann Jumalon Rice
Elevate Results Training & Consulting is a great training company. It helps me in build confidence because your energy will be unleash when you are learning there. I also learn how to become a better Sales Manager than before. I learned a lot from trainings given by Elven. If you join Elevate Results, you will not just learn the theory behind but you will also apply it during your training days and even outside of the training grounds. I highly recommended this to those who wants to Elevate their results, it is really helpful. Thank you Elven and Elevate Results Training & Consulting.
Adrian Basoc
Great decision! this are the two words that I kept saying to myself on my home, after the 3 days seminar. I love everything about MST SDP Sale Training Seminar. It's amazingly very applicable and easy to understand. Our Trainer Mr. Elvenril Camus not only gave us tips and techniques bout sales but also inspired us to be a champions. Thank you Sir. You elevated our heart, God Bless
El Yandre Ber
3 Words. Practical - Relatable - Convincing It was a fun learning experience. I never knew that this kind of workshop was fun to learn with and straight from the heart. Why? Because it was a solidified with pure experiences in the field of sales. Relatable to life not only in sales alone. Convincing because really you can relate and very practical. In short, quite applicable.

Thank you Elven! It was a great, fun learning experience!

Highly recommended!

You will really laugh out loud. Not even boring! Worth your money... 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Elva Agbon-Aban
I was lucky enough having this 3 days training MST SDP with Coach Sir Elven. Such a very different training not only as sales but more importantly in your daily activity. At 1st i was having 2nd thought attending, due to plenty of reasons but i was wrong. Very helpful, and effective way how to deal with your clients in a professional way and how Good relationship be build to them. Sir Elven, I Salute!! May you continue sharing your talent.... SANA ALL!!!! GOD BLESS AND MORE POWER ELEVATE RESULTS TRAINING & CONSULTING..
Dicky Florencio
Advanced Sales Training equipped me with necessary skills on how to be an “EXPERT ADVISER” rather than being a “SALESPERSON.”

The value that this training delivered was beyond my imagination, considering that the investment is very economical!

Through AST, I have discovered that there are little mistakes that I am doing in closing my sales. As a matter of fact, these are, most of the time, being taken for granted. Little did I know that these are actually killing my sales!

Thank you so much Elven Camus for selflessly imparting your knowledge and adding value to our lives! God bless you more!
Mhy V. Catalasan

It is such a great opportunity for me to attend the Advanced Sales Training. It is such an empowering training that will make you realized even simple little thing matters and unexpectedly, it will give a good impact...a good result. ERTC will teach you to invest in yourself for you to have a personal and professional growth.

Keep on blessing others Elvenril Camus! You're such an eloquent trainer. Great job! ✋
Edda Lynn
It was full of learnings and fun. Elven’s tips and techniques in closing a sale is very effective. It can boost clients acquasition and sales. I was able to handle my clients online professionally and effectively. I recommend his trainings for real estate professionals, insurance people, business owners and anyone who have the passion to take actions on thier respective fields of profession. Thank you Elven! You are a blessing!
Wilbert Wiwit Flores
Having been lucky enough to be part of 3 out of many of Elven's trainings has been an absolute life-changer. It has opened me up to becoming a better professional & a business owner in terms of how I serve not only my existing clients but also future ones. In a sense, it has made be a better individual, personally too. I've realized that any skill may it be in sales or whatever it is you want to acquire in life, can truly be learned if you just invest yourself in it. There are no regrets in choosing Elven as one of my mentors. Thank you so much sir! Bless up 🙏🙌
Jeanne Louise Montecillo
Very helpful training that you can apply everywhere.
Luduvico Montalbo Gomez Jr.
I didn’t know I’ll have this kind of training until I met Sir Elven. I learned many things to apply not only to business in sales but also in life and family, turning negativity to positivity. Thank you so much Sir Elven for sharing your learnings for us to be able to apply it and to be successful as you are in the future!
Angelou De Leon Pacle
Experiencing unbelievable results after applying the lessons learned from the training. It's really heartwarming hearing feedbacks from clients, you can really see crystal clear the difference. Thank you sir Elven for the enlightenment and for fueling our dedication. May you help more champions out there. God bless!
Noeme Joe C. Almirante
I've attended various seminars before but Elevate Results training is the most intensive, interactive and very action oriented training program that will make every participants apply what they learn immediately during the seminar's progress.

Participants get involved by actively participating in the action oriented task and Elevate Results Founder and a Champion Trainor Mr. Elvenril Camus make sure to help and coach each and every participants until they learn the skills necessary for the improvement of the participants.

This is a Life Changing training program that can help elevate your results whether you're in sales, business, or in any career of your life. I'm 100% confident in recommending Elevate Results & Consulting Training Programs.

Kudos to Elevate. More success to come.
Ralf Roger Tagao
Hi Sir Elven. Thank you so much for knowledge that you have shared today, and yes, it help us a lot. Continue for being a very good speaker and for being a humble person. Once again, thank you!

God Bless and more power!
Jogen Justol
Elevate results training was change my perspective in life. If you want to be trained, to be more successful and to be better version of you then this training will suit you.
Aimen Dela Pena
Salute sa Elevate Results Training and Consulting especially kay sir Elvenril sa 100 percent effort sa pag share sa amin ng mga techniques at very inspiring life lessons. Your workshop is one of a kind. The challenge is for us now sa pag apply into the real world. Thanks sir.
Rhiar Billanes
After two attempts Kay nadayon jud! Thank you cousin Charry Mina for pushing me to attend this training wala jud ko nag mahay sa pag mata alas 3 sa kaagahon and 4hrs travel kay worth it kaayo!!!

The training was amazing, full of fun and learnings. All the topics are beneficial to my career growth and expansion as Financial Advisor and guide to a successful business life.

To sir Elven Camus, you are A W E S O M E ! Thank you for all the learnings you imparted to us yesterday. I will surely recommend this Advance Sales Training to my co financial advisors, friends and family.

Lets us be a C H A M P I O N in whatever career we have!

#AST #Batch30 #ElevateResults
Liza Jane Paladin
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge sir Elven, malaking tulong po ito sa akin as a sales person this time I make sure to follow the techniques you have shared. God Bless us
Jo Day
His training? You learn, apply and you earn...
Mia Verano Salaya
Kung may higit pa sa salamat sir para sayu Yun. Great speaker. #Batch 44
Jason Conejos
Leahcin Mampang Alzate
Just wanna say thank you, I really learned a lot. You are one of the best trainer I have encountered so far, I dont usually engage or interact during webinar but you made me open my video and Mic hahaha More Power sir Elven and hope to learn more from you in the future. GOD BLESS!
Christopher Colinares
Awesome Training from Sir Elven. Very useful Techniques for Business Projects! i highly recommend it. ❤ You will developed as a person to be Master Askers! and Master Listers! Very interactive trainings! 👌👌👌✌✌😊
Bang Esguerra
yes i recommend Elevate Results Training consulting it is so amazing to learn everything all about closing deal and all about increasing sales
Gemrexy Arellano Cuasay
I recommend this because it will teach you unique techniques about sales, it also motivates you as a person that you can do all possible things by believing yourself. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity joining this event.
Claudine Pintor Bunsay
The training is interactive and lively. Elven Camus is sharing valuable points that any salesperson who wants to be more than an average salesperson to succeed and go to the next level. I learned new things on this training. Thank you Elven Camus for your energy and time.
Jhun Asuncion
I really appreciate the training, this teaches me to embrace appreciation with other people that leads to building relationship through trust.

love it
Bryan Barcena
I am very thankful for attending this Training! It was a very fun and learning experience. I really recommend this not just to sales and business persons but also to people who would want to improve their everday lives. More Power Sir Elvin.
Glenn Jacobo Remoto
Kudos to Mr.Elven Camus the Energetic, a certified Sales Trainer,Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur. Topics are explained clearly and detailed. Everyone's attention is with him you can't find any reason not to focus on the discussion. At first, I was thinking about how would apply the skills that i am going to learn when am not personally into sales. While the discussion is ongoing i find myself laughing and learning. I was picking up a lot of ideas from his non- verbal actions as his other way of discussing the topic to let his students learn and understand very well. The content of his training,though was meant for sales,I have found to be useful and relatable in many ways. The training event exceeded my expectation. It was totally worth it. His knowledge and experiences that he shared during the training will totally transform a person effectively in sales if you embrace and apply the principles. I do believe that learning is a continuous process whatever field it is. What i love about trainings aside from the nice -to - know new things that i will gain,is meeting new people and exchange ideas I would be more interested to attend in a Marketing seminar or about Branding topic soon! Thank you sir Elven.
Glenn Jacobo Remoto
If you're one of the people like me, who wants to excel in sales and business, not just sales, but how to build a relationship with your clients, this is the right man to make your endeavors successful. I was one of you, back in the days when I was so frustrated with what am I doing? Then this person guided me with that MAGIC that outcomes only in close deals. Wow. My profound respect and regards, thanks for the advice. Live long and prosper, you're the Magician.
Sanjit Chhetri
Lot of learnings you we gain, CHAMPION! Thank you Sir Elven much apprecoated.
Jed Paraiso