Closing the Sales Mastery Intensive Training in Manila

The last three days of last week had been very eventful for us, ERTC team, as we conducted our much-awaited Closing the Sales Mastery Intensive Training. With 30 participants from the sales industry who have varying lengths and kinds of experience joining us, the training became a lot more fun and eye-opening for us as well. 

Throughout the duration of the training, we were allowed to see slices of our participants’ individual life –  their strengths and weaknesses, their struggles and their hopes. With it, we feel grateful for despite the fact that the training is for them, we got the opportunity to learn from them as well. 

When I look back on those three intensive days, I am reminded of three important lessons I learned or relearned.

First, there is no such thing as too early or too late in life when a person wants to improve themselves. Wanting to develop oneself can keep a person going and thriving. When we stop learning and growing, it is like we are just waiting for our end and not living life as we should. 

The second thing I got reminded of is that other people’s help and support can only work when we help ourselves first. The change we want to see in our lives should come from our free will – our decision to take action. 

Lastly, I had been reminded that the best way for us to not lose ourselves in the quest for success is to have a great foundation – that we do what we do not only for ourselves but to serve other people as well. 

We saw how our valued clients did their best to apply all the lessons we shared with them during the three-day training. We saw how they rose up to the challenge of going out of their comfort zones. We witnessed them break through different barriers that hold them from reaching new levels. We heard them declare their eagerness to meet the better versions of themselves. 

Indeed, we saw them transform in those three days but we can’t deny the fact that they have gifted us with valuable lessons that would help us become better versions of ourselves as well. What an amazing experience it had been!

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5 Mistakes That Could Hinder People From Being The Best In What They Do

Regardless of social status, educational background, and the like, I believe that all people have the opportunity to be the best in what they do. Seeing many people who reached a state of success despite overwhelming hurdles led me to believe that personal success is achievable for anyone. So what could be the reason for some people to find it impossible? Here are some of the things I deduced could stop people from being the best version of themselves: 

  1. Not believing in their capabilities. Understandably, one would find it impossible to succeed in any endeavor if they do not have even an ounce of belief in themselves and what they are capable of doing. While courage is influenced by various factors, the most indispensable one is one’s belief in themselves because that’s where self-esteem, confidence, and determination are rooted.  
  2. Not believing that they have the potential. Do you believe that each one of us is special? No two human beings are alike. Each one has its uniqueness – characteristics, talents, and gifts – that cannot be found in other people. Therefore, each person innately has the potential to do something successfully when they make use of the gifts they were blessed with. The hindrance to this possibility is if the person does not acknowledge this potential within them. 
  3. Not believing that what they do or offer is good enough. Some people tend to pursue a path for the benefits they can get from it, not because they’re passionate about it. This is usually the reason behind some people who do not find value in what they do and how it impacts the lives of others. When a person does not see the value of what they do, how are they supposed to help others through it? 
  4. Not engaging themselves in growth activities. Even when we obtain numerous experiences, knowledge, and skills, we can never claim that we know everything. Regardless of age, human beings always have more to learn and more room for growth. If one stops learning just because they think that they know enough for the role that they play, then they can no longer qualify for the best there is. 
  5. Not going out of their comfort zone. Have you noticed how people try to avoid doing something for the fear of committing a mistake? In other words, they stay in the safe zone all the time instead of crossing lines and taking risks. If this is the case, growth is more likely to be impossible. 

What mistakes can you think of that could hinder you from being the best in what you do?




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Letting Go of Life’s Excesses

Do you also feel that life is sometimes too hectic to handle? I often felt that way, even on days that were free. I realized, later, that such a feeling was caused by the excess weight I carried. Do you know what’s worse? These excesses are not even necessary or important for me to continuously carry.

Now that I am finally aware of these excesses, I am taking the necessary steps to slowly relieve myself of them. Here are the two categories of these excesses and what I am doing to free myself:

  1. Excess things. In one of my previous blogs, I shared the negative effects of clutter on me. Clutter does not only mean trash; it can also include functional things. If a thing is functional, does it mean we need to keep them? My answer to this is no. Because of my thrifty nature, I usually find it hard to let go of things even when I seldom or no longer use them. This tendency caused my things to accumulate and led to a clutter-filled space. And as I mentioned, clutter brought me more stress because it made me exhausted, anxious, distracted, irritable, and unproductive. Hoarding cost me a lot. To rectify my situation, I conditioned myself to practice letting go of things. I started giving away or selling some items to people who had a real need for them.
  2. Excess thoughts. I used to wonder why I regularly had headaches when I felt healthy in general. Then, I learned that the mind can be overloaded, which would then, of course, result in physical pain. But, are all the thoughts we have necessary or helpful for us to sacrifice the comfort of having peace of mind? Again, my answer is no. When I reflected, I realized that a big percentage of my headspace was filled with unresolved issues and negative thoughts. What did I do? I stopped putting things off and resolved what could be dealt with, and did my best to let go of those that I have no control over. Yes, we either deal with it to finish, or let go if it is something uncontrollable.

All these are easier said than done, yet possible to do. If we keep holding on to things or thoughts that are not necessary or helpful, we are holding ourselves from fully growing and living.

Do you also wish to start letting go of the excess baggage in your life? Why? 



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How I Learn Best

We are constantly presented with opportunities to learn every single day. In every situation, there is something to learn. The challenge now is whether we recognize such learning opportunities or not. Sometimes, even when we become aware of them, we lack the willingness or the drive to extract the lessons from them. Those moments may seem ordinary, but they do not happen twice. We might miss a lot if we miss seeing and learning from them.

In my training sessions, I usually tell participants how knowing is not enough to have power. Whatever knowledge we acquire can only give us an edge when we apply them.

I may have missed plenty of learning opportunities, but I always do my best to grasp as many as possible. How do I make sure that these learning opportunities are well-spent?

  1. I apply the lessons, especially my key takeaways, immediately. Based on experience, taking the time or delaying the application of a newly acquired knowledge or skill would only lead one to forget. Applying the lessons would help one retain details because of the action that has now been associated with them.
  2. I relate the lessons/theory to real-life situations. Sometimes, lessons do not make sense when given to us in plain words. To get the essence of it, we need to identify with it and relate it to real-life situations we experience or are experiencing.
  3. I actively involve myself in the learning process. When I get the chance to learn from training events, I make sure to overcome my shame and participate in all the activities 100%. I am open to being coached in front of other people because such an opportunity is not offered daily.
  4. I teach the lessons to others. Teaching or imparting my learning to others is the best way to retain all I learned. Not only do I get to recall by sharing the information, but I also realize how each lesson applies to any situation.

There are times when I inadvertently let valuable lessons pass. Only when I experience negative results do I realize how important they are. Such experiences taught me not to take any learning for granted. Let us constantly remind ourselves that we can learn from anything, anywhere, and anyone. Each person may have different roles or goals in life, but we all can fulfill our individual goals when we learn from each other.

How about you? How do you learn best?

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Going Back To Face-to-Face Events

Last Saturday, we conducted our first public face-to-face training event after more than two years. The excitement was building up since the day we decided to go back to this setup. When the day finally came, we had an incredible time!

There were several reasons why the event would always be one of our most unforgettable sessions ever. The participants were very participative and enthusiastic. We were able to impart more experiences and learning since we have already undergone many challenges during the pandemic years.

Though we could maintain our participants’ energy and enthusiasm during our online sessions, we realized how much less challenging it is to do when onsite. Last Saturday’s experience fueled our energy bank ten times more than usual. We loved how we could see and hear all of their reactions. We were able to connect with them, and they were able to engage with us right away. Most of all, we could identify their real problems and challenges, inspiring us to help them immediately.

Another thing that made us very excited about this training is that we’re given more opportunities to address each of the participants’ challenges through the lessons we learned from challenging experiences. Every single challenge we went through made sense after being able to use our learning during the live session appropriately.  

While we equally love conducting online training events, face-to-face versions make us a little bit more excited because of all those reasons and the feeling of physically meeting new people. 

Would you be part of our onsite training event? We invite you to register for any of our scheduled sessions. Just message us privately.

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What Do I Want To Be When I Grow Up?

After attending Millionaire Mind Intensive for the first time, my dream to be a trainer started growing. The three-day program did not only change my wrong beliefs, but it also led me to realize my passion as well. These being so, I attended many of MMI’s succeeding programs to further my learning, growth, and development. When I completed all the programs, I continued to participate in the Millionaire Mind Intensive but already as a crew member. It was (and always is) a privilege to be allowed to serve in such an event because I always get to relearn and learn new knowledge and skills. 

As I continued to expose myself to these events, I realized my goal of being a trainer. I gained the courage to come out of my comfort zone and choose the path calling me. As I continually grow in what I do, the goal to be able to teach in an international scope also grows. 

For this ultimate goal, I continue to dedicate time to serve in this program even now that it is still online. And I am excited to serve the MMI offline very soon. I know and embrace the fact that I have to go through an arduous process before I can fit the requirements of being a trainer of MMI. Waiting and putting in the work while I wait are a few of the lessons I gained from this program. 

Yes, when I gain more experience and credibility in this field, I will become a trainer of Millionaire Mind Intensive. I want to help others experience the transformation I experienced when I first attended this program. I can’t wait to serve more and grow up in this aspect. 

How about you? What are you growing up for?

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Yes, Two Heads Are Better Than One (How About More?)

Life these days has been hectic with countless activities. Amidst all this busyness, I realized how important it is to work with people rather than work alone. In my past blogs, I discussed the benefits of working with my spouse and having a team. Now, these ventures have proven to be very beneficial after many months. How?

  1. There are more beautiful ideas. I believe anyone would agree that when two or more minds work together, puzzles become easier to solve, and challenges become easier to overcome. In addition, ideas that I could not possibly think of flow ceaselessly. When working together, each person not only contributes by putting their opinions, but they also spur each other’s creativity and analytical thinking.  
  2. I develop more courage to take risks. Despite my many life experiences and learning, I still find more strength in making decisions after taking good advice from the people I trust and knowing that someone supports what I do or would do.
  3. I have become more productive. While I previously had apprehensions about delegating tasks, I finally let go and sought the help of other people. Such a move made me realize how excellent my results can be and how the once-impossible tasks become possible to accomplish.  

Isn’t working with other people a beautiful thing? Of course, we cannot discount the possibility of disappointment or hurt, but we also should not allow negative experiences to stop us from the chance of growth and success. Instead of barring people from our lives, we should use our experiences to choose trustworthy ones and cherish them.

Do you also find it better to work with someone? If not, do you believe it would be better to do so than work alone?




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5 Beautiful Things You Can Do to Lift Someone

As I go through living life, I observe other people for me to learn more. Observation has always been one of my means of learning. Through this habit, I discover certain truths, such as how to obtain happiness. On this matter alone, there are various ways. One of those ways is helping other people. 

Do you know that helping others does not always translate to financial help? I have observed that simple but profound acts matter most for most people. If you want to see a person, especially a loved one, filled with courage in dealing with life, you should: 

  1. Be happy for their wins. Although wins could be enough for a person to be satisfied, they would still need those they love to celebrate with them. Seeing you happy for their victories, no matter how small, would make the win much sweeter because seeing the people they love joyful is also a win for them. You do not need a lavish celebration to let them know your happiness for them. It would not hurt you to say a simple congratulations, would it? 
  2. Be supportive of their endeavors. Being supportive of someone’s goals does not necessarily mean providing financial support. Words of encouragement could help stabilize them and strengthen their determination to reach for their dreams. Do your best not to make them feel bad for dreaming big and crushing their spirits before they begin their journey. While it is true that they could be unsuccessful in their struggle, their fall would be easier to bear when they have you on their side than remembering it was you who told them they would/could fail. 
  3. Look at their good side. There is this truth that is often uttered and heard. “Nobody is perfect.” Indeed, nobody is. Everyone has shortcomings, and that includes yourself. With this fact, it should be easier for you to look at the good attributes of someone, not focus on what they lack or fail at. When you acknowledge their positive qualities, instead of pointing out the negative, they will embody those qualities more and more. 
  4. Make their lives lighter. Just like you, each person has struggles. You might see them as living in comfort and happiness all the time, but you might not know everything. Some people keep their struggles to themselves to not burden those around them. Therefore, never be someone who could cause them more feelings of sadness or frustration. Be a light-giving optimist in their lives, not a joy-sucking pessimist. 
  5. Let them know they are appreciated and loved. When a person gives you love and care in any form, it is their choice. They have the option not to, yet they still do. Therefore, constantly express your appreciation for the love and care you receive. Instead of thinking about what you feel is lacking from what you received from them, be grateful for what they willingly gave. You do not know what they have gone through to show you love and care. 

You do not need to be rich to help lift people’s lives. You only need to be a happy, supportive, optimistic, and grateful light to their lives. You are not just helping others; you have inadvertently enabled yourself to have a more joyful heart filled with love rather than envy and pride. 



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5 Main Lessons I Learned from Trainings I Attended

Since 2013, I have been investing and participating in many training programs to develop my selling skills as I found my passion in that field. But, aside from learning valuable knowledge and skills about the subject, I also learned a lot more about life in general. 

Here are five of my most valued lessons from all those training programs.

  1. Life is what you make it. From all the trainers and mentors I have had the opportunity to learn from, I have extracted a similar lesson. Human beings can change their circumstances as long as they know to rid themselves of their victim mentality. If we allow hindering factors to stop us from taking a step towards the direction we wish to follow and use those obstacles as excuses to fail and never try again, we allow ourselves to go with the flow. But, we do have a choice not to resort to that because, given our innate ability to think and make decisions, we can make our situations better and on the path towards our purpose. 
  2. The best business is born from passion. When I was still not exposed to those training programs, I often wondered why businesses thrive while others sink to the bottom. I wondered what factors affect them. I learned afterward that one of the most significant factors is passion. A great business is established to offer a product or service that results from passion. When someone opens a restaurant but is not interested in food or food service, it is without a doubt that the business would not go well. 
  3. Selling is about believing in what you sell. This lesson had been a revelation to my young and naive self in a salesman role. I thought that being able to enumerate the benefits of the product or service I sell to the people I serve is enough for them to buy. I used to wonder why I failed to close deals even after rambling all the information to them. Fortunately, I learned from my experienced mentors that believing in your product or service is the most important key to selling. If you, as the salesperson, do not believe the value of what you offer, how do you expect them to believe it is the best for them? 
  4. Personal development is the main ingredient of success. Regardless of the subject matter, all the programs I completed include topics about personal development. Whatever career a person wants to pursue or whatever venture they wish to engage in, success and fulfillment in such endeavor can only be achieved when they develop themselves from the inside out. 
  5. Relationships only grow when you nurture them. When I was younger, I thought that relationships should be the least of my concerns and that people who are meant to be in my life would always be there, which was why I did not mind the falling out I had with many people. I learned then that relationships result from our decisions – decisions to keep and nurture it or let it go by doing nothing to keep it.

These lessons summarize the many various life lessons I have learned from many different trainers and mentors worldwide. I came to realize that all aspects of life – professional and personal – are interrelated. Your beliefs and practices in one part may as well affect the other aspects of your life. 

Do you find these lessons meaningful? 

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5 Things That Make Me Feel Happy with What I Do

I admit that conducting training events that may run from two hours to seven hours a day is not easy. Why? Because I need to prepare hours or days before the event. Do I get tired? Yes, I do, but not during the training. My energy in every training is always on, and I only feel exhausted when done. Most of the time, I would even miss my meals. Strangely though, I fell more in love with doing it. The exhaustion does not dampen my passion and spirit from continuously doing what I do. Why? Here are my top five reasons.  

  1. When I see that the participants understand the foundation they need to have, not just in sales but also in life, I feel that what I do is very important. Since I believe that my mission is essential and helps many people, it is enough to make me happy and driven. Hence, I do whatever it takes to make them learn and understand the salesperson’s context. Every time I see the participants’ eyes sparkle when they realize the importance of their roles, I want to help them more and more. 
  2. When they discover the lessons and tools we have for them are doable, practical, and applicable, I feel excited. It is not enough for me to share the information with my students. Making them apply the information I provide is an essential part of the training. This part takes a lot of the training time. It also requires a lot of supervision. Yet, seeing and hearing the participants able to use the techniques well and seeing the satisfaction on their faces when they successfully master those techniques make me even more enthusiastic rather than tired.  
  3. When I see breakthroughs after overcoming their fear or limiting beliefs then embrace what’s best for them, I feel proud. In my opinion, it is more challenging to encourage adults to face their fears and let go of the beliefs that limit them than persuading a child. The reason is that adults’ fears and limiting beliefs are already deeply rooted in their minds and hearts. Thus, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing my training participants take on the challenges I give them and winning over those fears and limiting beliefs right before my eyes.
  4. When I see results, conversions, and wins after wins during and after our training, I also win. As a trainer, I can say that the effectiveness of my training can be measured through the results of the salespeople I trained. As a result, I become incredibly pleased when my participants give me news of their excellent results, especially when they already experience wins even before the training is over. Their wins are my wins as well. 
  5. When I see them become the best version of themselves after our training, I feel a sense of accomplishment. Being able to influence my students’ life as a whole through training is my long-term goal. I do what I do not only to introduce knowledge and skills with them and give them momentary excitement. My vision is to see them develop themselves for good. So, when I get updates of their results even months or years after our training, my motivation to continue with my mission is strengthened. 

All these reasons are victories for me as a sales trainer. In a nutshell, positively influencing other people is more than enough to compensate for the hard work and challenge of training. 

Therefore, I will gladly continue to conduct training sessions to help salespeople until whenever. I believe that I will forever have this drive because I am passionate about it. 

How about you? Do you find happiness in what you do? Can you see yourself doing it for years?

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Participants of our training sessions usually ask me where I get my energy, which, according to them, is seemingly inexhaustible. According to a number of them, one of the factors that surprise them is the energy that I usually can maintain even after hours of training. 

Naturally, the human body gains its energy from eating healthy, exercising regularly, and resting well. However, these are not the only factors that help me achieve the energy and readiness to face every training and coaching I conduct.  

I get my energy from my passion coupled with preparation. I do not just prepare a few hours before. I prepare days ahead, sometimes even months. As they say, effort does not betray the results. To be specific, here are the preparations I regularly do to ensure that I am wholly ready to train: 

  1. I take time to exercise every single day. Even when I have a hectic schedule, I do not give up the time to do this physical activity. Exercising is part of my routine and my energy-boosting plan. Years ago, I decided to include exercise as one of the non-negotiable activities I do every day.
  2. I never miss my morning routine. This activity, which I have shared and discussed many times in my training sessions and blogs, consists of meditating, journaling, and declaring. Ever since I started this morning plan, it has become one of the sources of my vigor. It keeps me motivated every day. 
  3. I prepare the materials I use for the training myself. When I know how each of the materials works, I feel a sense of assurance that the training flow will be smooth. With this sense of security, I can relax my mind and preserve more energy. 
  4. I always practice. I do not rely on the fact that I know the topics of my training by heart. Preparing an outline of what I would deliver and doing a run-through of it is part of my list of must-dos long before the scheduled training sessions. I still continuously practice and improve, although I have already undergone quite a lot of sessions. 
  5. I never forget to say a prayer before I start every training session. As a human being, I can feel tired or even sick at certain times and even during scheduled training sessions. When this happens, the preparations I mentioned will not suffice to make me have the strength to perform. I am only able to overcome such challenges when I pray for guidance and seek strength from God. 

Although it took me a long time to adjust to achieve the momentum I have in conducting sales training, I am still grateful. Because of all the experiences, I was able to learn more and enhance myself and my work. I was able to identify ways to make things better. 

We have to note that if we are in sales or business, to be productive and help more people solve their challenges, we must have a high level of energy plus consistent action. My mentor Blair Singer said, “When two people come together in a selling situation, whoever has the highest energy usually wins.” That’s correct. Whatever we do, we should know that we can achieve excellence through hard and smart work and enough preparation.


5 Things to Do to Ensure an Effective Online Training

Before the pandemic, I was never really keen on conducting training online though I believe that learning could occur through any medium. However, I have to accept the inevitable and pivot in that direction to avoid getting stuck, waiting for things to go back to normal. 

Was the transition easy? Definitely not. Change, especially sudden and radical, is never a piece of cake. The transition from in-person to online training required a lot of courage, patience, and commitment. It is not easy but successfully doing it is not impossible.

For those who wish to conduct online training, seminar, coaching, or meeting, you should put the following things into consideration to ensure achieving the goals of the activity:

  1. The medium (Zoom, Streamyard, Google Meet, etc.) and materials (virtual whiteboard, flip chart, virtual background, etc.) to be used should be secured, checked, and tested before the event. It would be unfortunate to discover that your Zoom application subscription, for example, can only accommodate 100 participants while your 500 participants are already in the waiting room waiting to be accepted. 
  2. There should be a thorough preparation of the content and delivery. Although you cannot avoid mistakes, you can lessen the frequency if you are well-versed about the topic and you practice the delivery. Equip yourself with related information that the participants may ask during the event. 
  3. Having reliable assistance from other people makes a lot of difference. As a host or trainer, you cannot possibly do all the small tasks successfully (e.g., accepting late participants, sending messages to participants) while the event is ongoing; you would be highly needing a teammate or teammates. The team can also help address participants’ concerns, especially if the host or trainer’s focus is on the main task.  
  4. Energy is a must. Getting the full attention of an audience is much more challenging in the online setup because of many factors, including distractions. The audience will most likely feel bored if the delivery is not energetic or enthusiastic. It is a transfer of emotion, so if you want to inspire your participants to participate, you have to give them 100% energy.
  5. Interaction should be encouraged. Many say that what people hear, they quickly forget. Yet, when they are actively involved with the activity, they will most likely understand and learn. Thus, it is vital to encourage the participants to participate in drills, share their thoughts or ideas, and ask questions. 

It is essential to focus on these factors to ensure successful online training, seminar, coaching, or meeting. Although it took my team and me several tries before we made our online training smooth-flowing and effective, identifying these factors made those challenging times all worth it. 

Do you think these can help presenters, trainers, salespeople, and teachers alike?

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4 Things To Consider Before Joining Any Training Courses

What do you usually expect when attending training courses or seminars? Do you expect to learn something or improve your skills? Or do you attend for the sake of obtaining a certification?

I am not discounting the benefit of obtaining a certificate because it has various purposes – mostly to the career growth of the person who obtained it. However, there are times when the participant neglects the main purpose of the training course or seminar. The main purpose is to educate or provide further learning and skills. I have encountered many professionals who just join a training course or workshop because it is mandatory or can give them additional credentials.  

More than the benefit of obtaining a certification, our end goal when attending training or seminar should be learning and improving our skills. After all, such programs are created to help people grow. 

Besides viewing training courses and seminars as tools that can help us improve or acquire new knowledge and skills than just a means to obtain a certification, we should also know how to make the most out of it. To use it fully to our advantage, we should consider the following before joining any training course: 

  1. Make sure you do not have the I-already-know-that syndrome. One of the reasons why some people do not take training programs or seminars seriously is that they think that they already know about the topics covered in those events. However, hearing or encountering such concepts or information in the past is not enough, especially if you have not applied those to make yourself and your work better. For example, knowing the information that exercising daily is best for your body does not lead you to have a healthy body unless you do it. Having this kind of mindset hinders you from getting the most out of a learning opportunity. My advice is to have an open mind, empty your cup, and develop a growth mindset before joining a training course. 
  2. Identify your challenges in your business, career, or life. Seminar hopping for me is really not advisable, especially if you are investing money in it. Ensure that you know what you need or what you want to improve on before investing time and resources into it. Therefore, before attending any training course or seminar, assess yourself and identify your current challenges or the areas you need to improve.
  3. Know the topics or lessons you will learn. After identifying your challenges or the areas you want improvement on, choose the training courses that will help you meet those needs by identifying the training topic. Take time to do enough research about the training program and ask questions for more clarifications for your peace of mind. 
  4. Make sure you are trainable/coachable. You have to know that a trainer or teacher can only provide you with the necessary knowledge needed to improve your skills. If there is no willingness on your part to learn, there will be no change no matter how hard the trainer or coach tries. Be ready to learn, relearn, unlearn, and be pushed. Learn to trust the process. 

Being a trainer for a few years now, I have met many people who have a misplaced view of training courses or seminars. I put this out there in the hopes of helping others to have a changed mindset. Use training courses or seminars as a tool to grow wholly.

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4 Mentalities That Hinder Learning

We have numerous sayings about learning being a lifelong process. It is a notion that possibly no one disagrees with because it is evidently true. However, even the people who claim to believe in this statement have a challenge in following it. For instance, have you encountered people who are fond of joining seminars, courses, or training events for either personal development or professional development yet do not display significant improvement afterward? 

While not all of the contents of such courses or training events may be useful, for sure, there are nuggets of wisdom that one can get from those as they are designed for that purpose in the first place. No matter how many training and courses we attend, we cannot use those if we do not rid ourselves of the hindrances to learning. What are these hindrances? The barriers that keep us from learning include the following mentalities that we possibly have:

  1. “I am intelligent.” This statement is the same as the infamous I-know-that line. When a person is heavily confident that he knows a lot of knowledge and is defined as academically intelligent, that person will most likely have difficulty learning more. When one has this confidence that he knows a lot or everything, he unconsciously refuses to accept the knowledge that is different from what he was initially taught.  
  2. “I am better than you.” Although humans being imperfect is generally accepted to be accurate, people still tend to expect teachers or mentors to be perfect. As a result, the valuable lessons are overlooked when one observes a weakness in the teacher or mentor. We hinder ourselves from learning when we see or observe that the one teaching us has flaws that we think make them unreliable, especially if we are strong in that area. 
  3. “I already achieved success.” Many people tend to rest on their laurels or stop improving themselves once they achieve a win. This mentality hinders one from learning because complacency takes over. If one is complacent, learning is never a priority. 
  4. “I do not see the need for change.” This mentality follows after one achieves a particular win or success. Willingness to learn new things tends to stop for a person with this mentality because, the knowledge or skill that he has worked. 

If a person has these mentalities when trying to learn, he will not achieve the goal of learning. The responsibility of teaching falls on the teacher’s shoulder or mentor, but learning is the student’s responsibility. When one is equipped with knowledge and skills yet hindered by his negative mentalities, learning is impossible. Knowledge can only become useful and powerful when applied. Real learning only takes place when we are ready to unlearn or relearn. In other words, when our minds are open. 

Do you agree with this?

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3 Reasons to Invest in Training in 2021

“You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of.” -Jim Rohn.

While the arrival of a new year gave everyone new hope, the fact that the world is still experiencing the blows of 2020’s challenge cannot be ignored or discounted. Do you make this as an excuse to be idle once again? Do you use this condition as a scapegoat to fall back to laziness? 

The fact that you survived a deadly pandemic is enough reason to believe that you ought to continue working on your life’s purpose. For that reason, you must refrain from acting like you are a helpless victim of the situation and start adapting to it instead. After all, humans have the one most crucial ability needed to cope in a changing environment – the ability to think. As a human gifted with such capacity, you can direct and redirect yourself and overcome adversities.

Redirecting here means changing your steps to achieve still your goals aligned with your mission. One of the things you can do to shift is to engage in learning and training. While you may be held by varying reasons not to invest in such at the moment, here are the top reasons why you must:

  1. A new season requires a new you. The pandemic, which remains a challenge until now, caused a change in our condition as a whole. Things are now done differently, like interacting with others. This change alone affects a lot of industries, like sales and business. To address the challenges that result from this change, you need to change a lot in yourself. You can make these happen through learning and training.
  2. Knowledge can become obsolete. This truth is undisputed ever since, and even more so now. There is a lot of information that can no longer be considered applicable because of the pandemic and the changes that came with it. The same applies to the knowledge and skills that you acquired in the past to address specific situations. You might have realized by now that you can no longer use some of those. Thus, you need to learn the competencies that can help you address the new challenges that come your way. Where else can you acquire these competencies but from the people who have dedicated their time to devise new ways around each challenge. Take selling as an example. Industry experts have already come up with new marketing strategies that work in this kind of situation. Thus, you have to learn it from them by attending training programs about it.
  3. You are on a mission. If you are on a mission, you must know that it is more significant than your circumstances. It would be best if you do not allow any setbacks to stop you from fulfilling that mission. So, if you want your approach towards your mission to be effective, you need to learn the necessary knowledge and skills and train how to use them accordingly. 

Whatever industry you are in or whatever mission you have, you can only do better in it by equipping yourself. Please do not waste time complaining or blaming others for the challenge we are all experiencing now. Instead, focus on adjusting yourself to rise and overcome the adversity. You know what to do. Are you up for the challenge? 

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5 Practices I Do to Cope With Hectic Schedule

I always say that passion is the reason why I do what I do, which is to train, coach, and motivate others for them to become champions not just in sales and business, but also in life. It is also what drives me to maintain a high level of energy in all the training I conduct. Nevertheless, I do not neglect the fact that my body has its limits. It is for this reason that I follow this set of ‘yeses and nos’ when I have a series of training events:

  1. Yes to more rest. Speaking with, coaching or training people may not be as physically taxing as working all day under the sun or carrying heavy loads, but it is definitely mentally exhausting. When I am mentally exhausted, my body becomes affected as well. Hence, I allow myself to catch up on sleep during my free time. In fact, I would prepare for training for many hours and days but I dedicate the one hour before to relaxing or sleeping so that I feel refreshed when I start. For this to be possible, I always make sure to plan and avoid procrastination.
  2. No to sweet foods and cold drinks. No, I am not saying that I do not eat sweets or drink cold beverages because I still do. However, I especially avoid these treats when I have training schedules because these will trigger sore throats and other related problems. Instead, I drink hot ginger tea with lemon even while in training. I also drink a lot of lukewarm water. This is quite challenging to me, being a lover of sweets, so I avoid dining out and stocking on sugary snacks when I have training schedules.
  3. Yes to exercise. Although I generally feel exhausted after each training session, I still do exercise because days, when I am busiest, are the days when I need it the most. Tony Robbins said that “motion creates emotion”, and I agree with him on this highly. When I fail to take a walk or do exercise, I always feel tired and less energetic. On the other hand, I feel pumped up and energized every time I do so. Having a full schedule is the reason to exercise, not an excuse not to, and since it helps me maintain my energy, I always make an effort to include it in my daily routine.
  4. No to being a superhero. There are people who, because of their goal for perfection, tend to do everything on their own. This is not because they don’t trust others, it is just because, since they know the task well, they can be assured that it will be completed successfully. Well, I was one of those people. Fortunately, I came to learn and realize that being such will drain me out fast, and make me inefficient. Accordingly, I let go of and delegated the tasks that I know others can do for me, and even better. Yes, there is a monetary value in exchange for it but gaining more time for the more important matters is priceless.
  5. Yes to consuming more motivational content. As my energy reserves get empty after coaching or training, I fill myself up again, not just by eating or exercising, but also by watching or listening to the contents of motivational speakers, especially those who share the Word of God. This really does wonders to me because I can always feel my weariness dissipate when I become filled with positivism. Thus, I made this practice part of my day. When time is limited, I play a piece to listen to while I eat or exercise.

These are the practices that help me keep my energy up even at times when I have multiple speaking or training sessions every day for a number of days. Some of these may be very simple but all of these are vital for my health, and well-being as a trainer. Although I generally have a positive outlook and a lot of enthusiasm, I would not be able to sustain such if I do not take care of myself holistically. 

If you are someone whose profession involves teaching, presenting, selling, or speaking, I hope you find these practices beneficial. Otherwise, let me know what you think and suggest. 

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MME: Why This Is a Dream Experience

I surely have a lot on my list of dreams. One by one, these dreams have materialized with God’s grace. The most recent one that happened was my speaking engagement in the Millionaire Mind Experience (MME), a preview of T. Harv Eker’s Millionaire Mind Intensive program, that was conducted by the number one event promoter in the Philippines, Laurus Enterprises. 

After the first time that I attended the program, I got encouraged to continue learning, and even attend the same event over and over. This past 3 years, I have been crewing the event and serving both trainers and participants as a way of giving back what blessings and wins I obtained because of the program. 

Last October 24, 2020, Laurus Enterprises asked me to conduct the Millionaire Mind Experience for my fellow Filipinos who are eagerly awaiting the Millionaire Mind Intensive (MMI) training. In this experience, we gave them a glimpse of the valuable lessons they will learn from the MMI, and how it transformed the lives of the people, including myself, who joined it in the past. 

Being one of the many people whose lives changed because of T. Harv Eker’s MMI, it became a dream to be one of the trainers who help spread the life-changing lessons that build the foundation of the program. I am such a believer that I want to help others see the essence of it too. 

Why is it a dream for me?

  1. It transformed my life, so I want to help others be transformed through this program too. I have shared for the nth time how revolutionary Millionaire Mind Intensive is for me. It helped me in all aspects of life and inspired me to follow my passion. More importantly, it cultivated in me the heart to help other people by changing their beliefs and their mindsets for the better. Its transformational effect on me made me wish to let others experience the same.
  2. I want to be a part of a very great mission. In the world we are in, kindness and compassion are expressed in many ways. Some express these by giving to those in need of shelter, food, and other necessities. Another way is by educating those who are trapped in wrong mindsets, and belief systems so that they may be able to not only survive but also contribute to make the world a better place. And this is what I see as the mission of MMI, which I definitely want to be a part of.
  3. I want to inspire Filipinos by helping them change their money and life blueprint for success. Being one of those who grew to have a lot of limiting beliefs and wrong notions about money and success, I want to help my fellow Filipinos in changing their perspectives. I want them to see that being a Filipino is a strength in itself, and should not be used as a reason to say we can’t do what successful foreign people do. By becoming a part of the Millionaire Mind Intensive as a trainer, I will help them believe that we can.

Being able to speak in this Millionaire Mind Experience is already a big step towards the goal. I couldn’t be more grateful to Laurus Enterprises for believing in me enough to appoint me to be the speaker in this first virtual MME. Truly, when we are encouraged, believed in, and lifted by our fellow Filipinos, we become stronger and inspired to do what it is that we want to do. I am equally grateful to Success Resources for bringing the programs that really change lives for the better anywhere in the world. I am especially thankful for T. Harv Eker for creating such a program as the Millionaire Mind Intensive and giving people the chance to grow the way he grew in his career, mission, and life. 

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The Greatest Investment You Can Make

I often get asked why I spend a significant amount of funds to attend international training events when I could use that money for other investments. Some people feel that it is just a waste of resources. I, on the other hand, consider it a much greater investment because it is for my personal and professional development.

Sometimes, what we know does not give us the result we are aiming for. This is because we either lack the knowledge or we do not know the right approach. We have to acknowledge the fact that there are people who already have a lot more experience than us. It is through their experience that they were able to accumulate great wisdom and figure out a lot of life’s puzzles. Some of these people, after gaining a much deeper understanding of life and about success, made it their mission to help those of the younger generation and even those in the old generation who are still struggling. Learning from these people, for me, is priceless as I would save a lot of time and resources than if I will face different challenges without the guidance of experienced individuals.

Even before I started attending live training events, the wisdom of the likes of Tom Hopkins, Zig Ziglar, and Jim Rohn (through their books and videos) guided me in my early sales journey. I have been through a lot of downs in my career, and one of the reasons that always brought me back up was the learning they had willingly imparted for the public to use. This is the reason that I did not hesitate to take a leap of faith when shown the opportunity to be personally trained by some of the world’s great trainers who came after the great people I mentioned above.

When I took the decision, we only had enough resources and we were putting our savings to great risk, but I pushed through it anyway. Now, I never regret that I did because I can really say that I have developed in a lot of aspects of life, have gotten more value than my money’s worth, and have increased my income ten times more.

We should not wait for the right condition before we decide to engage ourselves in this development journey because when we are in a bad situation, we will really do our best to thrive or get out of that situation. It is in this situation when help, such as the wisdom of experienced people, is easy for us to accept since what we are doing is not working at all. More importantly, in situations when we are unsure of what to do next, we need the help of experts on how to turn our personal and professional life around. This is the time when we will be able to strengthen our determination and motivation since we have to make sure that our investment will be worth it.

All the training that I engaged myself in truly elevated my way of life. Without the confidence and motivation I gained from all those training programs, I wouldn’t have gotten the courage to pursue my passion. Indeed, “the best investment you can make, is an investment in yourself”.

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Training and Development: Why is it Essential in an Organization?

According to 42nd US President, William J. Clinton, “education no longer stops on graduation day.” Since change is the only thing that is constant, we humans should learn to be able to adjust in order to cope. Completing a degree should not be seen as the end of learning and be used as an assurance or basis for a person’s excellence in the field that will be pursued. The fact that learning needs to be continuous in order to achieve excellence in career should be embraced. This is very important to be realized by not only the individual but also by business owners or leaders of organizations. Employers just can’t expect that since they chose to hire applicants with great credentials, they’re good to go. Leaders should bear the responsibility to afford training and development for their team.

Training should not only be done as a sort of orientation to the nature of the job before starting – it should be a constant thing. What aspects should be trained and developed in every individual then? All individuals and companies need training in personal development, leadership, customer service, and business skills.

photo by fauxels from pexels

Personal development involves training and activities that would help develop the character of a person, bring out one’s full potential, learn to work effectively with others, and strive for excellence as a mission not only for oneself but for everyone in the team. A true leader knows that this aspect is very important when aiming for a bigger vision. If only the leader knows the organization’s vision and mission by heart, that leader is just like leading a group of blind mice whose main purpose is just to survive. The seed of passion must be planted in them to make them realize the importance of what they are doing. Personal development training will lead them to realize their why, their true potential, and their accountability in the organization’s achievement of its vision and mission.

Having established the importance of a leader in an organization, it is therefore necessary to point that leadership training is equally necessary. The role of a leader is very crucial in ensuring that the organization is on the right path towards its goals. A leader does not only direct the team on what to do, but he/she should also set a good example to them. It is also important to note that every person has a different personality and different views, thus, a leader should learn various ways that can be employed in dealing with these differences within the team. These ways can be only learned through leadership training.

On the same hand, customer service training is equally important. In our first article, the need for a great customer service was thoroughly discussed. Not everyone has it in their nature to have people skills due to different factors. This does not mean, however, that some people are not capable of providing good customer service. Everything is learnable. Thus, leaders should make it a point to invest in customer service training for their team. Standards in this aspect should be properly set in order for the organization to be on the same page when dealing with clients. Customer service training will be able to solve any gap in execution. Why is customer service training important? Well, customer service has a big impact on the retention and loyalty of clients that produces good numbers in sales and great return in general. That is a big enough reason to invest money and time on it.

Another important training that leaders should engage their team in is business skills’ development. Prior knowledge and skills acquired from school, and early training can propel one towards a certain point of one’s career. This is true. However, as was said, change is constant. A lot of knowledge and skills which were previously thought to be indispensable are now considered obsolete due to recent discoveries and innovations. If the knowledge and skills of the team will not be enhanced to fit these changes, it will lead to not only their downfall but to the organization’s as well.

photo by fauxels from pexels

Some may say that it’s okay not to invest in the development of the old team members because new and advanced ones can replace them anyway. Yet, will the vision of the organization materialize if there is no loyalty between leaders and their team? I believe not. Once a team is built, make that team grow in knowledge, skills, strength, dedication, passion, discipline and attitude. Surely, success will follow.

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ERTC’s Online Program: Is it helpful?

When CoVid-19 pandemic hit, ERTC’s scheduled live trainings were automatically cancelled. Yet, this did not stop us from continuing to serve others. It even motivated us to help professionals in the sales industry to continuously rise up and prevent the effects of the ongoing crisis. Hence, we came up with a program that can help sales professionals through a different medium. This program, which is delivered via Zoom, is called Closing the Sales Mastery (CSM).

Since the lessons that are taught in all of ERTC’s training are based on the experiences of the founder/trainer in his years of being in the sales industry, one can be sure that the learning are applicable and practical. As the program name suggests, CSM is focused on equipping a salesperson with the skills and art of selling that are proven to be effective in handling different types of objections and closing more sales. Yet, just like the other programs of Elevate Results Training and Consulting, Closing the Sales Mastery is designed to enable salespeople to see that this industry is established to serve other people. More than a means to earn money, sales is about building relationships and helping people get their needs, wants – to their dreams. The founder believes that if salespeople offer their products or service to the customers first and build relationships after, the latter will say ‘no’, but if salespeople would build relationships first and offer their products or service after, the customers will say ‘yes’. This and Zig Ziglar’s statement that, “you can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want”, are two of the principles behind CSM and the other programs of ERTC. We aim to build sales champions in the country who have credibility, integrity, passion, discipline and attitude. Thus, in this program, we ensure that sales professionals will learn the following:

  • how to transfer ones feelings about the offered product or service to potential clients/buyers
  • how to increase self-confidence and earn more trust from potential clients/ buyers.
  • the right questions that build good relationships leading to paperwork approval.
  • the words that kill sales and the words that sell in any industry.
  • the color that kills sales and the colors that sell.
  • the three effective ways to follow up prospects and clients without annoying them.
  • the tested and proven template in handling different types of objections that inspires prospects to give small YESes leading to big YESes.
  • the different types of closing that can be used anytime and anywhere.
  • how to close more sales naturally and become a champion in the industry.
  • the attitudes and habits of a champion.
  • how to be and stay on top, and be a blessing to others who need help.


We have already conducted this training for the 10th time since May of this year, and it has been proven to be very effective by our valued clients who have completed it.


Countless positive feedback is being sent to us every time our participants get to apply their learning. Here are some of the reviews we got for Closing the Sales Mastery:

Salespeople are sometimes avoided by people because of their approaches and practices that are quite pushy, aggressive or manipulative. If you want to help break this stigma and become a champion not just in sales but also in life, equip yourself and be part of our training.

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Millionaire Mind Intensive: A T.Harv Eker Signature Program

In August of 2016, my wife and I attended a training that I heard about in the National Achievers’ Congress 2015. The program name is unforgettable and screams promise – Millionaire Mind Intensive. To be truthful, I thought that it was about how to be a millionaire, and I guess I am not alone in that impression. I even received some questions about its morality. To anyone who has not attended the program, it really seems to be just about accumulating more and more money.

Millionaire Mind Intensive_T Harv Eker Signature Program_2

Even if there is a program like the latter, why do we criticize or condemn a training that involves money-making? Why do we always associate money with evil? What are the uses of money? We are no longer living in a time where we exchange essential goods with goods we produce. We need money to buy these goods instead. We need money to secure a roof over our heads. We need money to enhance our knowledge and skills. We need money to ensure our health. We need it because that’s what is used in our time. We just adapt to survive and thrive. Are these things we exchange for money evil? If your answer is no, you have to attend Millionaire Mind Intensive. If your answer is yes, you NEED to attend Millionaire Mind Intensive.

In a span of three days, we experienced a transformation of a lifetime. We discovered the kind of relationship we had with money and the misconceptions we had about it and about people having more of it. Our learning from MMI freed us from guilt, anger, insecurity, and other issues. We discovered how real successful people think – how a millionaire mind works. Aside from the new concepts we learned, there were workshops that helped us address and overcome our fears. Specifically, we were led to change our money and success blueprints for good, we were made to identify our attitude towards money, we were conditioned not to be ruled by money, and we were taught that it’s the habit of saving money and not the amount that matters. Our eyes opened to what we refused to see. In other words, Millionaire Mind Intensive is not just an informational training, it is also a transformative one.

Millionaire Mind Intensive_T Harv Eker Signature Program_3

This signature program of T. Harv Eker can easily be one of the world-changing training programs there is. I am in awe of people like T. Harv Eker who makes it their mission to educate others, and I am grateful to organizations like Laurus Enterprises and Success Resources that make sure more people get the opportunity to be part of such programs.

Millionaire Mind Intensive_T Harv Eker Signature Program_4

If you are having a problem with money or if you are having fun with it, I urge you to join this program and watch your life and others lives transform before your very eyes.

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Your Way to the Top

Passion. Discipline. Attitude.

These are the main values that serve as the foundation of Elevate Results Training and Consulting (ERTC), a Cebu-based sales training company that serves everyone and anyone in the Philippines. This firm has the mission of serving sales professionals, entrepreneurs, organizations, and other individuals by inspiring and helping them to achieve excellent results in their respective fields. It envisions itself as a company that would bring a positive and significant difference in the lives of salespeople, other individuals, and organizations through effective training and lasting solutions for success.

For Elevate Results, sales and overall performance of a salesperson is dependent on the skills and art that he/she equips himself/herself with and not merely on the innate qualities he/she already possesses. To materialize its vision, Elevate Results created different programs which could help sales professionals and even business owners be equipped with the skills necessary for the achievement of excellence in the sales and business industry. The programs that this company currently offers are the following:

  • Advanced Sales Training
  • Motivational Sales Training
  • Negotiation Skills Training
  • Seal the Deal Program
  • Closing the Sales Mastery
  • Sales and Service Excellence Training
  • Elevated Presentation Skills

Elevate Results Training and Consulting was established by me, Elvenril “Elven” Camus. I started this firm to help create sales champions who are far from the pushy, aggressive, and manipulative type that buyers tend to avoid. Being a salesperson myself, I dream to turn the sales profession into a highly-respected one. I had 14 years of customer service and sales experience which enabled me to get accustomed to the highs and lows of working in this field. I experienced working as a housekeeping staff in one of my hometown’s hotels. I worked my way towards the front office of the same hotel before having been recruited to be a front desk officer in a visa consultancy firm in Cebu City.

Your Way to the Top

I continued to work harder, took leaps of faith, and became a competent sales representative then sales trainer. It had not been easy for me but, driven by my passion, I sought guidance from personalities who have achieved success not only in sales but in many aspects of life. I learned with an open mind and heart from the examples of my colleagues, guidance of my mentors, and teachings of world-class trainers and motivational speakers. Aside from learning from the likes of Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins, Jim Rohn, Warren Buffet, Robert Kiyosaki, T. Harv Eker, Tony Robins, Blair Singer, and Mac Attram through their books, audio recordings, videos, and live training, I invested time and resources in attending world-class training such as T. Harv Eker’s Train the Trainer and Making the Stage among others. I am also now a part of a global tribe under Blair Singer Training Academy (BSTA).

Your Way to the Top_2

Needless to say, Elevate Results Training and Consulting is founded by my experiences, guided by the principles of successful personalities in the world of sales and business, and strengthened by my passion, discipline, and attitude making it a revolutionary training company. Elevate Results Training and Consulting is indeed your way to the top.

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Why Excellent Customer Service Matters?

One of the most important aspects that anyone offering a product or service should have is excellent Customer Service. It can make or break a company. This is because through it, product or service buyers determine the sellers’ heart to serve and not just sell for the sake of profit. This is one of the ways how a seller can make the buyers feel good and secured.

Who is part of the customer service team in a business or company? Is it the front desk officer, the sales representative, or the chat support? In reality, every single member of the company is part of customer service. In one way or another, a customer will have an encounter with any member. If everyone understands how to value customers, they will make sure that they do their specific tasks in the company with accuracy and care.

It is very important for business owners to invest on the development of the customer service skills of its employees as much as it does in other aspects. The popularity and quality of a product and service are what attracts customers, but excellent customer service is what will make them patronize the brand.

How can a seller ensure good customer service then? First is to learn from the customer service of successful businesses. It is best to know from experienced people what works and what does not. Make sure that everyone in the company is aware of the company’s mission and vision, code of honor, and is accountable in upholding them.

At the end of the day, when the clients feel the seller’s care by giving them excellent customer service, they will take good care of the business in turn. They will not only become loyal customers, but they will also spread the word about the quality service of the company. Always remember that it is not about the number of goods sold – it is the number of satisfied customers that matters. In a nutshell, excellent customer service is the key to a long-term business success.

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