5 Ways to Handle Success

We get a lot of advice on handling failures or mistakes, but we seldom hear advice on how to handle wins or successes. We also learn different knowledge and skills to achieve our goals in life, but we usually don’t get past the achieving part. We fail to celebrate the win. Although it is important to note to never rest on our laurels and work still because success is not a one-time thing, we have to pause for a while and appreciate the factors that led to our recent success. 

First, make sure to consciously and expressly appreciate your capability and gifts. Appreciation is something that most, if not all, humans need. We do not only need to hear it from other people; we also need to hear it from ourselves. We have to acknowledge that we can overcome challenges, execute plans, and succeed. More importantly, we have to recognize the talents and gifts we are blessed with that make us capable of winning. No success is possible out of pure luck or coincidence.   

Second, express your gratitude to the people who helped you. Just as we can’t attribute successes to luck, we can’t attribute our successes to ourselves alone. In one way or another, some people paved the way for us to get what we are aiming for, whether they were aware of it or not. Therefore, never forget to tell them how grateful you are for their contribution. A grateful heart attracts more blessings. 

Third, offer your help for others to succeed as well. Success is felt best when shared. Never keep your knowledge from other people who may benefit from it when you succeed. When people you helped get what they want, the feeling of fulfillment on your end will be greater than when you have achieved what you wanted. 

Fourth, take time to celebrate in any way you can. However small you think your wins are, never stop yourself from celebrating them. Celebrate each success through an arm-pulling-down shout of yes, a jump of joy, a cheer, a piece of cake, or an all-out party; it’s up to you. Celebrating is a form of gratitude.

Last, keep learning, growing, and moving forward. While it is essential to rest and celebrate, never forget to act again on your following goals afterward. Own the confidence you gain from the competence you developed while working on your previous successes, but never allow it to inflate your ego and make you refuse to learn new things. Always remember to feed yourself with good things and grow. Don’t allow yourself to get stuck in the past.  

Do you think these pieces of advice make sense? How do you handle success?



(Photo by Mikael Blomkvist from Pexels)

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