5 Things That Make Me Feel Happy with What I Do

I admit that conducting training events that may run from two hours to seven hours a day is not easy. Why? Because I need to prepare hours or days before the event. Do I get tired? Yes, I do, but not during the training. My energy in every training is always on, and I only feel exhausted when done. Most of the time, I would even miss my meals. Strangely though, I fell more in love with doing it. The exhaustion does not dampen my passion and spirit from continuously doing what I do. Why? Here are my top five reasons.  

  1. When I see that the participants understand the foundation they need to have, not just in sales but also in life, I feel that what I do is very important. Since I believe that my mission is essential and helps many people, it is enough to make me happy and driven. Hence, I do whatever it takes to make them learn and understand the salesperson’s context. Every time I see the participants’ eyes sparkle when they realize the importance of their roles, I want to help them more and more. 
  2. When they discover the lessons and tools we have for them are doable, practical, and applicable, I feel excited. It is not enough for me to share the information with my students. Making them apply the information I provide is an essential part of the training. This part takes a lot of the training time. It also requires a lot of supervision. Yet, seeing and hearing the participants able to use the techniques well and seeing the satisfaction on their faces when they successfully master those techniques make me even more enthusiastic rather than tired.  
  3. When I see breakthroughs after overcoming their fear or limiting beliefs then embrace what’s best for them, I feel proud. In my opinion, it is more challenging to encourage adults to face their fears and let go of the beliefs that limit them than persuading a child. The reason is that adults’ fears and limiting beliefs are already deeply rooted in their minds and hearts. Thus, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing my training participants take on the challenges I give them and winning over those fears and limiting beliefs right before my eyes.
  4. When I see results, conversions, and wins after wins during and after our training, I also win. As a trainer, I can say that the effectiveness of my training can be measured through the results of the salespeople I trained. As a result, I become incredibly pleased when my participants give me news of their excellent results, especially when they already experience wins even before the training is over. Their wins are my wins as well. 
  5. When I see them become the best version of themselves after our training, I feel a sense of accomplishment. Being able to influence my students’ life as a whole through training is my long-term goal. I do what I do not only to introduce knowledge and skills with them and give them momentary excitement. My vision is to see them develop themselves for good. So, when I get updates of their results even months or years after our training, my motivation to continue with my mission is strengthened. 

All these reasons are victories for me as a sales trainer. In a nutshell, positively influencing other people is more than enough to compensate for the hard work and challenge of training. 

Therefore, I will gladly continue to conduct training sessions to help salespeople until whenever. I believe that I will forever have this drive because I am passionate about it. 

How about you? Do you find happiness in what you do? Can you see yourself doing it for years?

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