5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Entered the Sales Industry

Years ago, when I volunteered to be part of the sales team of the previous company I worked for, what I had with me was intense determination. I have no regrets but there are things that I really wish I knew before I came to that decision because it might have made my journey smoother and less painful.

Here are five things I wish I knew then before I applied as a salesperson:

  1. I wish I knew that once you sell something, the people whom you think would support and buy from you would less likely do so. In my experience, I never had a client who is a family member or a friend. It’s not because there was no one who needed the service because I knew some who availed the same service from different providers. After a few years, I realized that family and friends do not want to be sold to because what they’re thinking is that we are making money at their expense. This is the sad reality that I wish I knew then to avoid the feeling of rejection this caused.
  2. I need to be a firm believer in what I am selling or offering. When I started selling the programs that the previous company I was working for was offering, I honestly had hesitations that people will avail of the services because of the amount of money they need to shell out. This hesitation resulted in a lot of dropped sales because I ended up accepting the reasons that the prospects told me for not pursuing the programs. In other words, I had a subconscious belief that what we were offering was not worth the money that the customers need to spend. After totally seeing the benefits of the service, I immediately became confident in selling it.
  3. Competition is everywhere. I know this shouldn’t have come as a surprise but before, I thought that the service we were offering was unique. I realized later on that no matter how uncommon your niche is, you will always have a competitor. Competition even starts in your own company. If I had known this earlier, I would have been able to prepare myself and learn how to handle myself well when facing competition.
  4. How to handle all types of objections is definitely on top of the things I wish I knew for obvious reasons. If I knew how to handle all types of objections then, I wouldn’t have dropped a lot of sales. It would have been easier for me to build confidence knowing that I have one of the most important tools in selling.
  5. I need a mentor. When I entered sales, I only relied on the training given to me by my seniors about the service we are offering. I realized later on that aside from mastering our service, I must also learn selling techniques that are universal. It would have been an easier start if I already equipped myself with learning from different sales trainers before I totally immersed myself in the field.

Despite these all, I do not regret being in the sales industry and experiencing all those hardships because all those helped me become resilient and resourceful. If I haven’t gone through all these actual experiences, I wouldn’t have reached the results I wanted and become the person I am right now. I believe that I was destined to undergo all those for me to develop a desire to help others who are struggling in sales and help them become champions early in their sales career by inspiring them with my story.

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