5 Steps To Adjusting Your Sails

How many times have you heard the statement “life is unpredictable”? Who could count, right? Saying it or hearing others remind you is like a consolation when your plans do not work out, or your efforts do not bring great results. Life’s unpredictability is a known fact that is quite difficult to accept and happens to everyone.

Successful, happy, or fulfilled people all had their fair share of disappointments, frustrations, and quelled hopes. The only difference these people have over those who felt lost after the losses is their drive to adjust their sails.

Adjusting your sails when a storm hits does not mean changing your destination. You could be just changing your course to reach your goal in one piece still. So what should you do when one of your courses of action or your series of plans does not work out the way you want them? 

  1. Remind yourself of your ultimate goal. If you are sure and passionate about your greatest goal, you will not be hindered by obstacles from it. It would motivate you to keep moving despite all the challenges you encounter. 
  2. Find alternative ways to reach your goal. Almost all destinations have a variety of paths. Your course that did not work is just one of those multiple routes. Therefore, find the best alternative approach for you to continue with your journey. 
  3. Embrace the new path you chose. Choosing a new way toward your destination should not be half-hearted. Start the new journey by moving on from the recent failure. Stop fretting about what was and start working on what is. 
  4. Equip yourself better. Changing your course should also mean changing or updating your equipment to suit your new circumstance best. Never be afraid of changing because, as people say, it is constant and necessary. 
  5. Never allow negativity to reside in your head. One of the reasons people usually find it challenging to transition to a different path towards their ultimate goal is the fear of other people’s opinions. To address this, remind yourself of another fact – people always have something to say no matter what you do. Therefore, never allow any negativity to settle in your mind. Always go back to the first step – remind yourself of your why. 

When you encounter any storm, remember that you have the option and the power to adjust your sails. The choice of whether to take the opportunity is up to you. 

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