4 Ways of Appreciating People

I am an ardent believer in the power of appreciation, so I always put a reminder out there to practice freely giving some to others. While it would not cost you any fortune, you would be able to help another person get through a difficult time with it.

Yes, it would not cost you anything if you give it, but if you choose to forgo it, it might cost other people their great future. Why is this so? Not all people take kindly to being unappreciated. You can always advise them to control themselves, but you cannot control how they would feel and how those feelings could change them for the worse. Therefore, learn ways to save people from becoming bitter. 

  1. It is okay to reprimand but never forget to commend the good things. Why is it easy to point out the bad in people and then turn a blind eye to the good? Why don’t we practice the opposite? Wouldn’t we have a better world? People who get appreciated tend to try to live up to the goodness they were valued for. While those who are good but still criticized tend to give you what you accuse them of.
  2. Do not compare them or what they did with that of others. They would think they are not enough. When someone gives you something or does something for you, never compare it to the gesture of others because you do not know how big of a deal it is for them. They might have given you something that is not significant for you but means everything to them.
  3. Do not ask for anything else besides what they have given you. Instead of demanding more because you aren’t satisfied, thank the person sincerely for what you have received. If you request more, it means you are not satisfied or grateful for what they have given you. They might stop being their genuinely generous and loving self because of your ungratefulness.
  4. Never criticize their choices in serving and making you happy. People have different natures and capabilities. One might give you extravagant gifts to make you feel pleased, while another person might choose to spend time with you. Do not base their gifts on your preference or love language because they have their own preferences and capabilities. 

These are simple and specific ways to show appreciation to the people around you. The key to making it easy to do is learning gratefulness. A grateful heart will always speak words of appreciation, not criticism. 

How else can we show appreciation?



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