35 Life and Career Quotes I Live By

A while back, I attended a training wherein the trainer shared how he keeps a notebook with him all the time to write down inspirational adages he sees or quotes he comes up with based on his experiences. I realized then that doing so does make sense and may come in handy in the future. We should not discount the wisdom that comes with quotes that people develop because it is the product of their every experience. This kind of wisdom can help in motivating ourselves and other people as well.

Recently, I turned 35 years old, and in those years, I have learned a lot about life as a whole. Since it is my mission to inspire other people to live life to the fullest and achieve great results in whatever they do, I am sharing 35 quotes of mine. These quotes are from all the different experiences I have had in this life so far, whether it be in my career or personal life. 

  1. “Passion gives you energy. Discipline gets you there. Attitude brings you to the next level.”
  2.  “The moment we compare ourselves with other people and focus on what we do not have is the moment we allow ourselves to feel unhappy.
  3.  “When you’re facing problems in life, learn to humble yourself and ask for help or support. Remember, your pride and ego will only trap you with your problems.”
  4.  “Taking small steps every single day is always better than just thinking of doing it.”
  5.  “Stay strong amid adversity. You never know who you are inspiring to see the light in their dark moments.”
  6.  “Whatever product or service you offer, always put your heart into it and do it with high energy.”
  7.  “If you want to elevate your results in life, always invest in yourself and take massive actions. Follow this pattern for your growth.”
  8.  “There’s no such thing as bad salespeople. They are just untrained salespeople who need to be trained.”
  9.  “If you keep on receiving the ‘price is too much objection, it is a reflection of your belief about your product. In other words, you believe that your product is expensive. Change your belief.”
  10.  “If you’re not serious about investing in yourself, you’re not serious about elevating your results.”
  11.  “Always remember and give credit to the people who helped you, supported your journey, and stayed with you from the beginning.”
  12.  “Every goal you want to achieve in life requires a different version of yourself.”
  13.  “You have to change your perspective to see that every opportunity, big or small, is a blessing. “
  14.  “When people pull you down, ignore them. When people pull you up, thank them. Know where to invest your time and feelings.”
  15.  “Don’t complain about your results. Your results come from your habits, decisions, and actions.”
  16.  “You are not in the business of giving information and hoping people to buy. You are in the business of asking questions and leading people to take action.”
  17.  “If we work without a mission, we can’t achieve what we want to achieve. But when we work with a mission, not only can we achieve what we want to achieve, but we can also celebrate wins and be grateful for them.”
  18.  “Faith requires trust. Trust requires actions.”
  19.  “There is no such thing as the perfect life. Yet, one can still be genuinely happy by living a fulfilling life.”
  20.  “Always think, speak and act positively in negative situations.”
  21.  “Closed deals and referrals are proof that clients are happy, satisfied, and they feel that you care for them.”
  22.  “Learn new things, not gossip. Take actions, not judgments. Make results, not promises. Enjoy success, not dramas.”
  23.  “Acknowledge promises, not efforts. Appreciate efforts, not promises. Reward results, not promises nor effort.”
  24.  “Self-discipline means taking away all the excuses and doing what you should do whatever it takes.”
  25.  “Don’t just pray for success. Be intentional about achieving it.”
  26.  “When your heart is in the right place, other people’s opinions about you won’t matter.”
  27.  “Never allow yourself to be stuck in the past, nor worry about the future. Instead, live your life today with faith, love, and kindness for tomorrow may never come.”
  28.  “No matter how good you are to others, there are people who think otherwise. Never let that change you. Just continue to be good and love others as God loves you.”
  29.  “In any relationship, not honoring a commitment is a sign of disrespect.”
  30.  “Time is too precious to waste on proving yourself to others.”
  31.  “Wealth, fame, and power can never equal the joy that comes from serving others.”
  32.  “You can be the instrument for others to see God’s goodness.”
  33.  “If you are passionate about what you do, you are unstoppable.”
  34.  “Being content doesn’t mean that we stop growing and hoping. It simply means that we’re happy and grateful for every blessing.”
  35.  “The best way to feel rich, happy, and abundant is to count all the gifts, blessings, and opportunities you have that money can’t buy.”

While it is true that each one of us has a different journey from one another, we cannot deny the fact that we can also learn from each other’s experiences. My intention for sharing these quotes is to remind people of how wonderful life is. With all its highs and lows, life can be a beautiful journey if we choose it. 

Which one of these quotes can you relate to? Comment your answer below.

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