3 Ways to Promote Good Habits

Which kind of habit is easier to fall into? A bad one or a good one? I believe most people would agree that it is easier to indulge oneself in a bad habit. Usually, bad habits are generally easy or comfortable, while a good one requires tremendous effort. Needless to say, bad habits are tempting. 

With this knowledge, how can we pull back from our bad habits then establish and maintain good habits in their place? Here are some ways that may help one to go through such a feat. 

  1. Determine which bad habits are non-supportive to your growth. This step is first and foremost in the process because identifying the habits that we need to rid ourselves of will help us identify the steps to make it happen. More importantly, knowing what our non-supportive habits are will lead to the formulation of the opposite.  
  2. Seek a mentor or coach to help you with techniques on how to replace the bad habits. Whether we admit it or not, we need other people to help us, especially when we need to overcome a challenge that we have a hard time fighting inside us. If we just rely on our strength, the tendency would be that we’d go back to our bad habits because it would be easier. Therefore, seeking out motivated and expert people with techniques that could make falling into good habits easier is a good decision. 
  3. Do it consistently. At the end of the day, the top and most significant element we need in keeping the good habits we start to develop is ourselves. Even with the knowledge, skills, and help we get, the change will not fully take root if we do not muster the discipline and willpower to keep the new and unfamiliar habits. We must always be consistent and fight every difficulty or obstacle that comes our way through keeping the good habits we wish to maintain. 

Developing good habits or trying to do so is a personal choice. Some people are not able or do not get out of their bad habits because they might not have found it necessary for themselves or the people around them. People with hopes and dreams for their future typically strive hard to overcome their weaknesses and develop good habits. If you are one of these people, you know what you need to do. Are you willing to do so? 



(Photo by Shamia Casiano from Pexels)

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