3 Things To Do When People Take Advantage Of You

Do you know why there are people who are always cynical about anything, even the good things? As human beings develop a defense mechanism when they experience something undesirable, suspicious people most likely developed such character from being taken advantage of in the past. 

We cannot possibly control how other people act and treat us. We cannot always read their real intentions toward us. We can only help and protect ourselves from people trying to bring us down or take advantage of us. Here are some ways that could help us:

  1. We should learn and practice saying no. Whether we admit it or not, some people take advantage of those who seem afraid to decline requests, even when the request would put the latter at a disadvantage. It could help prevent such from happening if we learn to say no. While helping other people is one of our duties, it doesn’t mean that we should never decline requests. We can only give what we have and are capable of giving. Never allow yourself to be held back by the need to please everyone. We should not feel wrong about declining requests. 
  2. We should slowly remove ourselves from relationships that only take from us. Getting hurt when trust is broken is normal. Therefore, when we see that a person has the tendency to break our faith in them and does not value our relationship with them, we should slowly accept the possible breakdown of the relationship. This would help prevent us from feeling bitterness on our part later. 
  3. We should remain kind and civil. When we experience unfair situations like being taken advantage of, we should maintain a positive attitude. Let us not return the negativity done to us with the same negative deed. Allowing ourselves to foster negative emotions will only hinder us from moving forward and growing. Let it all go.  

These, for me, are the best things to do when people take advantage of us, to protect ourselves from becoming vengeful when such things happen to us in the future.

How else should we handle being taken advantage of by people? 



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