3 Steps to Tap Your True Potential

Sometimes people are not aware of their capabilities. They often go through life wondering why they’re not making progress nor succeeding with their work. People who experience such a slump would usually think that they were destined to fail in life. Thoughts like “why can’t I do it like how that person does it?”, “what does that person have that I don’t?” or “am I not good enough?” would pester their minds and would cause worries and frustration.  

The reality, however, is that they just have not realized or brought out their true potential. So how do you tap on that potential?

  1. You should know what you truly want in life. Some might say that they’re doing or fulfilling something because they want it, but in reality, they’re just trying to follow what society or their family dictates or expects of them. If you are doing what other people want you to do, there is a slight possibility that you are enhancing your strength. The person who knows you the most is yourself because you can feel what your natural inclinations are or what your strengths are. Therefore, discover what you want by assessing yourself first. Look inside yourself. Do not allow other people’s opinions to influence your preferences. 
  2. You must be in a peak state of mind. Once you discover what you truly want to do or fulfill, you have to ensure that you are physically, mentally, and emotionally ready to face any challenges that may come along your journey. You also have to be passionate, energetic, and confident. Without these traits, you will probably give up when faced with even a slight difficulty. 
  3. Be flexible and creative. It is also important to note that a particular strength or talent may fit different areas of specialization. If you are a person who is talented in writing, for example, you may work in either news and public affairs or filmmaking. However, you should also take your preferences into account when choosing which field to pursue. If you are interested in fiction more than news and current affairs, then there is a possibility that you will be less productive if you work as a news writer. With the awareness that you love fiction, you should focus on that genre rather than be demotivated because of failing to be effective in other areas. 

In a nutshell, the best of you is just a matter of bringing out the best in you. You already have everything you need to succeed inside of you. You have to dig deeper, assess yourself, and let go of other people’s judgments. To do so, you have to remember that we are all born to have strengths, not just weaknesses. Most importantly, we were born with free will. Therefore, we can choose what to do with what we are blessed with. 

How about you? Have you already tapped your true potential?

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