3 Life Lessons the New Year Has Reminded Me

The beginning of this year proved to be quite eventful for me. With just one month in, I have already experienced and witnessed many memorable situations, both good and bad. Nonetheless, all conditions have afforded me these lessons that could benefit me for a lifetime.

  1. Any person can cause another person’s ruin, even with the best of intentions. This case is prevalent in close relationships such as family and friendship. Sometimes, when we care too much about a loved one, we tend to become overbearing, thinking that we know what is best for them. We tend to impose our will on how they should run their lives, what path they should follow, and who to become. Despite our good intentions, there is a high possibility of us making them farther from the best version of themselves, from their full potential, and from the bright future they wanted for themselves than doing them good. Therefore, let us be reminded to support our loved ones by helping them get what they want and not what we want for them. 
  2. A judgmental person may always see something to criticize from even the kindest or best people. This justifies the advice we always hear to never mind about the opinions of others. While it is our duty to form relationships with other people and serve our fellowmen, we are not expected nor obliged to please everyone. We should only remember to perform our roles and responsibilities and never cause harm to others, but never give up ourselves and our values just to satisfy everyone. 
  3. It is never right to judge a person. Judging others and reacting to their slight towards us or another person commonly follow the ire we feel. More often than not, when our minds are clearer, and the conditions are brought to light, we regret ever verbalizing those judgments. Therefore, we should not ever judge other people prematurely or not. First, we don’t know what they’re going through or what caused them to be or act the way they did. Most importantly, we don’t have the right to judge anyway. It should never be our business to judge other people, especially since we are not without faults ourselves.  

After witnessing the consequences that led to my realizations of these lessons, I became sure that we only truly understand the value of a lesson when we experience or witness the negative outcome when we do not apply it and the positive results when we do. 

What life lessons have you been reminded of this year?



(Photo by Vladislav Vasnetsov from Pexels)

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