3 Important Roles a Person Have to Assume in Life

Do you believe that a person can have different roles in one lifetime? I believe that. We ought to assume various roles besides the ones that come with our career choices or source of livelihood. What could be these roles?

  1. Supporter. Do you acknowledge that we need other people to accomplish anything – may it be menial or great goals? I do. Without others, I believe it would not be possible for anyone to achieve anything. We all need a support system, even if that means only one person. Since we need other people’s support, we also need to be a supporter of others. We should not just take. We should also learn to give whatever it is we can offer.  
  2. Teacher. I believe that each one of us has knowledge or skills that we can share with others. Whatever lesson we learn from training or experience is meant to be imparted because those learning could be what they need to fulfill their respective roles in the world. To help make the world a better place, we should learn to teach others what we know. 
  3. Teammate. Regardless of our unifying relationship with any group we belong to, we should be proper teammates. A teammate is not only part of a group but contributes something to keep the group together and strong. As part of a family, for example, whether you are part of the older generation or younger ones, you are responsible for strengthening the unit and cultivating an atmosphere of love and understanding rather than conflict. A proper teammate does not create or help create strains in the relationship between the group members. 

Being entrusted with these roles, we need to embrace the responsibilities that come with them. These roles help develop you as a person, so even if they do not bring you material return for your efforts, you would need them as much as your career. Besides, taking responsibility for those roles is one way of giving back. 

Let us not only work on achieving success in our careers. We should also work on succeeding in the other roles we have to assume as human beings. 

What other roles do you think we should assume?



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