How I Misjudged An Unsuspecting Man

He seemed to be always in the vicinity when I took my walk around our subdivision. More importantly, he seemed to always be in a sour mood on those occasions. The first time I passed by him, he was quietly sitting on a bench, but he had a frown on his face. I stopped the smile that I was supposed to give him and thought to myself that he might be a snob. He had the same look on five more occasions I passed by him doing different things. Hence, I stuck to my conclusion about him – he’s a snob and someone who does not want to be befriended. 

One day, however, my view about him took a 360-degree turn. During my regular walk that fateful day, I saw him sitting on the same bench with an older person in a wheelchair.  I also happened to overhear him answer a question from another passerby (who seems to know him personally) when the older person got discharged from the hospital. 

Right then and there, I realized that I had totally misjudged him despite not knowing even a fraction of who he is or what he goes through. I misjudged him after seeing him with a frown on his face during every encounter. I didn’t even have a single conversation with him but I judged his character right away. 

The thing is I made all those conclusions and created stories inside my head, painted him in a bad light because of those chance encounters, which coincidentally showed him as someone disagreeable. 

I realized that most of the time, human beings tend to judge others based on their observations without trying to understand what the other person is going through or went through to develop such a disposition. 

“He does not have anyone with him at home, people might not like living with him.” “He has a lot of tattoos, he must be a gangster.” “He’s always at home, he must be unemployed.” “He’s having an argument with an elderly, he must be disrespectful.” These are some of the judgmental things I hear which most of the time are unfounded. 

With the countless people I encountered and the experiences I had with many of them, I used to think that I knew the meaning behind people’s behaviors and that I was knowledgeable enough about human behavior to make a conclusion about the kind of people they are. The thing is I do not have any right to judge, as I always say, because I do not even fully know all the people who are dear and close to me, how much more are those people I only encounter in passing. 

What lesson did I learn from this encounter? It is a lesson I am reminded of over and over. There’s always more beneath what we see on the surface. Therefore, let us choose to understand rather than judge. 



(Photo by karatara)

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4 Reasons Why  I Take Time To Rest

Since the start of the year, I have been on work mode. My mind has been in constant overdrive. I am not complaining because I love what I do and I believe that this is what my purpose in life is. On the other hand, I also acknowledge the fact that rest is equally important for me to live the gift of life fully. 

However, I sometimes get caught in the hustle and bustle that I almost forget the need to rest. When this happens, I get reminders why I have to rest. 

  1. I cannot give what I do not have. This is one of my mantras that help me remain grounded. In my line of work, one of the top things I always need is a high level of energy. Without it, I would not be able to successfully accomplish the end goal of my mission. 
  2. I can only be the best in what I do when I am at my best condition. For me, it is very important to be at my best when engaging in anything – work, building relationships, doing life. However, being at my best would never be possible if I am exhausted and drained. With rest, the exhaustion can be addressed. It’s the best way to be at my best when I do what I need to do. 
  3. I should not abuse my body. I have long acknowledged the fact that the human body is sacred. It should not be subjected to abuse like making it unhealthy and overworked. Therefore, despite the times that I feel like I am not really that exhausted because of the adrenaline rush in my system, I still see to it that I rest my body.
  4. I am able to appreciate my progress. When my mind is on overdrive with all the tasks I need to complete, I fail to see my little wins – the completion of a task, the smile of appreciation of the people I served. When I rest, though, I have the time to look back and reflect at what I was able to accomplish. With rest, I find the time to appreciate and be grateful for the abilities and opportunities I am blessed with. 

In other words, we need to find direction in the way we live our respective lives. Our work is our way of worshiping our Creator, therefore, we need to give our 100% best in it – use the talents we were given, and work on ourselves to be better. 

But, we also need to remember that we ought to take care of the body and the life we are given to continuously be able to serve our purpose. 

Without rest, how are we supposed to fulfill our respective missions and give our 100% best in everything we do? 

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Closing the Sales Mastery Intensive Training in Manila

The last three days of last week had been very eventful for us, ERTC team, as we conducted our much-awaited Closing the Sales Mastery Intensive Training. With 30 participants from the sales industry who have varying lengths and kinds of experience joining us, the training became a lot more fun and eye-opening for us as well. 

Throughout the duration of the training, we were allowed to see slices of our participants’ individual life –  their strengths and weaknesses, their struggles and their hopes. With it, we feel grateful for despite the fact that the training is for them, we got the opportunity to learn from them as well. 

When I look back on those three intensive days, I am reminded of three important lessons I learned or relearned.

First, there is no such thing as too early or too late in life when a person wants to improve themselves. Wanting to develop oneself can keep a person going and thriving. When we stop learning and growing, it is like we are just waiting for our end and not living life as we should. 

The second thing I got reminded of is that other people’s help and support can only work when we help ourselves first. The change we want to see in our lives should come from our free will – our decision to take action. 

Lastly, I had been reminded that the best way for us to not lose ourselves in the quest for success is to have a great foundation – that we do what we do not only for ourselves but to serve other people as well. 

We saw how our valued clients did their best to apply all the lessons we shared with them during the three-day training. We saw how they rose up to the challenge of going out of their comfort zones. We witnessed them break through different barriers that hold them from reaching new levels. We heard them declare their eagerness to meet the better versions of themselves. 

Indeed, we saw them transform in those three days but we can’t deny the fact that they have gifted us with valuable lessons that would help us become better versions of ourselves as well. What an amazing experience it had been!

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