5 Beautiful Things You Can Do to Lift Someone

As I go through living life, I observe other people for me to learn more. Observation has always been one of my means of learning. Through this habit, I discover certain truths, such as how to obtain happiness. On this matter alone, there are various ways. One of those ways is helping other people. 

Do you know that helping others does not always translate to financial help? I have observed that simple but profound acts matter most for most people. If you want to see a person, especially a loved one, filled with courage in dealing with life, you should: 

  1. Be happy for their wins. Although wins could be enough for a person to be satisfied, they would still need those they love to celebrate with them. Seeing you happy for their victories, no matter how small, would make the win much sweeter because seeing the people they love joyful is also a win for them. You do not need a lavish celebration to let them know your happiness for them. It would not hurt you to say a simple congratulations, would it? 
  2. Be supportive of their endeavors. Being supportive of someone’s goals does not necessarily mean providing financial support. Words of encouragement could help stabilize them and strengthen their determination to reach for their dreams. Do your best not to make them feel bad for dreaming big and crushing their spirits before they begin their journey. While it is true that they could be unsuccessful in their struggle, their fall would be easier to bear when they have you on their side than remembering it was you who told them they would/could fail. 
  3. Look at their good side. There is this truth that is often uttered and heard. “Nobody is perfect.” Indeed, nobody is. Everyone has shortcomings, and that includes yourself. With this fact, it should be easier for you to look at the good attributes of someone, not focus on what they lack or fail at. When you acknowledge their positive qualities, instead of pointing out the negative, they will embody those qualities more and more. 
  4. Make their lives lighter. Just like you, each person has struggles. You might see them as living in comfort and happiness all the time, but you might not know everything. Some people keep their struggles to themselves to not burden those around them. Therefore, never be someone who could cause them more feelings of sadness or frustration. Be a light-giving optimist in their lives, not a joy-sucking pessimist. 
  5. Let them know they are appreciated and loved. When a person gives you love and care in any form, it is their choice. They have the option not to, yet they still do. Therefore, constantly express your appreciation for the love and care you receive. Instead of thinking about what you feel is lacking from what you received from them, be grateful for what they willingly gave. You do not know what they have gone through to show you love and care. 

You do not need to be rich to help lift people’s lives. You only need to be a happy, supportive, optimistic, and grateful light to their lives. You are not just helping others; you have inadvertently enabled yourself to have a more joyful heart filled with love rather than envy and pride. 



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3 Things To Do When People Take Advantage Of You

Do you know why there are people who are always cynical about anything, even the good things? As human beings develop a defense mechanism when they experience something undesirable, suspicious people most likely developed such character from being taken advantage of in the past. 

We cannot possibly control how other people act and treat us. We cannot always read their real intentions toward us. We can only help and protect ourselves from people trying to bring us down or take advantage of us. Here are some ways that could help us:

  1. We should learn and practice saying no. Whether we admit it or not, some people take advantage of those who seem afraid to decline requests, even when the request would put the latter at a disadvantage. It could help prevent such from happening if we learn to say no. While helping other people is one of our duties, it doesn’t mean that we should never decline requests. We can only give what we have and are capable of giving. Never allow yourself to be held back by the need to please everyone. We should not feel wrong about declining requests. 
  2. We should slowly remove ourselves from relationships that only take from us. Getting hurt when trust is broken is normal. Therefore, when we see that a person has the tendency to break our faith in them and does not value our relationship with them, we should slowly accept the possible breakdown of the relationship. This would help prevent us from feeling bitterness on our part later. 
  3. We should remain kind and civil. When we experience unfair situations like being taken advantage of, we should maintain a positive attitude. Let us not return the negativity done to us with the same negative deed. Allowing ourselves to foster negative emotions will only hinder us from moving forward and growing. Let it all go.  

These, for me, are the best things to do when people take advantage of us, to protect ourselves from becoming vengeful when such things happen to us in the future.

How else should we handle being taken advantage of by people? 



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Top 5 Negative Effects of Clutter On Me

According to T. Harv Eker, your inner world creates your outer world. Whatever you think and allow to dwell inside your mind will affect how you act and respond. This wisdom has opened my eyes and helped me set myself free from the different wrong beliefs I had. 

Indeed, our inner and outer worlds have a direct relationship. Do you believe that our external world also affects our inner world? Because I do.  

Our home has been a mess lately. I mean, it’s extra messy these days because we have to fix some areas. My wife and I noticed that we had been unusually overwhelmed these days, and we both realized that the clutter around us actually caused this state. Specifically, here are the top five adverse effects of a messy space to us: 

  1. Lethargy or exhaustion. Even when we have enough rest and sleep, we still tend to feel less energetic. I believe that this is because the mind cannot rest when seeing clutter. Mess seems to tell the brain that much work is still to be done. 
  2. Unease or anxiety. We feel uneasy or anxious because our minds start to think about all the tasks we would surely need to do in the future while still facing the current set of tasks. Could everything be accomplished?
  3. Lack of focus. One of the effective means to stay focused on tasks is to get rid of distractions. Who can focus when surrounded by too much clutter? 
  4. Irritable temperament. Even the little things get under our skin when we think of all the tasks and other emotions that the messy space triggers. 
  5. Unproductiveness. Finally, due to thinking or overthinking about many things, we fail to focus on the most important task at the moment, therefore accomplishing less than usual or none.

Do you also experience these things when your space is too cluttered? To help yourself, always make an effort to clear your space regularly. Condition your inner world as well as your outer world.   


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